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RCA - Indoor Dipole Loop Antenna - Black/silver - Larger Front
  • Model: ANT111
  • SKU: 5463004
Compatible with most TVs; receives FM, UHF, VHF signals; tabletop options
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RCA - Indoor Dipole Plate HDTV Antenna - Black/Silver - Larger Front
  • Model: ANT1251
  • SKU: 8280843
Compatible with most HDTVs; receives FM, UHF, VHF signals; 55dB amplifier
RCA - Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna - Gloss Black - Angle
  • Model: ANT1275F
  • SKU: 3789153
Compatible with most ATSC digital and NTSC analog tuners; picks up HD and standard-definition signals; optimized for VHF and UHF frequencies; SmartBoost amplifier; extendable, adjustable dipoles; tabletop design
GE - Millennium HDTV Antenna - Silver - Larger Front
  • Model: 20430
  • SKU: 4290830
GE Millennium HDTV Antenna: Compatible with a wide variety of televisions; FM, VHF and UHF reception; full 1080p HD video support; 34" dipoles; 130-degree swiveling UHF loop; folding design

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