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Belkin - HDMI-to-VGA Adapter - Black/White - Larger Front
  • Model: AV10145BT
  • SKU: 1740039
Lets you connect your Apple® TV to a VGA-enabled projector; converts digital HDMI output to analog VGA signal; 3.5mm audio port; 6" cord
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Insignia™ - 6' 3.5mm Mini-to-RCA Stereo Audio Cable - Black - Larger Front
  • Model: NS-HZ503
  • SKU: 4408001
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Compatible with select portable audio devices, cell phones, tablets, computers, headphones, soundbars, TVs and home and car stereo systems; connects a 3.5mm mini audio device to an RCA audio device
Insignia™ - 1/4"-to-3.5mm Mini Headphone Jack Adapter - Black - Larger Front
  • Model: NS-HZ307
  • SKU: 4716033
Compatible with most headphones with a 3.5mm mini connector; lets you connect your headphones to a 1/4" jack
Samsung - Micro USB-to-HDMI Adapter - White - Larger Front
  • Model: HDTV ADAPTER, GS4
  • SKU: 2003027
Compatible with select Samsung Galaxy cell phones, including Samsung Galaxy S 5 models, and most MHL-enabled devices; connects your device to your HDTV; supports high-definition signals up to 1080p
j5 create - Mini DisplayPort-to-4K HDMI Adapter - White - Larger Front
  • Model: JDA159
  • SKU: 7903123
Compatible with DisplayPort Dual-Mode v1.2 and v1.1; allows your Mac or PC with Mini DisplayPort to connect to a 4K Ultra HD HDTV via HDMI; easy-to-use cable
Dynex™ - Male-to-Female 3.5mm Right-Angle Adapter - Black - Larger Front
  • Model: DX-HZ321
  • SKU: 8444033
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Compatible with most devices with 3.5mm connectivity; lets you connect a 3.5mm audio cable to your device at a right angle; space-saving design
Dynex™ - 6' Male-to-Male 4-Conductor (TRRS) 3.5mm Cable - Black - Larger Front
  • Model: DX-HZ319
  • SKU: 8441628
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Compatible with most devices with a 3.5mm interface; lets you connect compatible 4-conductor (TRRS) headphones, microphones and A/V accessories; 6' length
Actiontec - MyWirelessTV2 Wireless Video Transmitter and Receiver - Black - Larger Front
  • Model: MWTV2KIT01
  • SKU: 6350009
Wirelessly connects an HDMI-enabled HDTV to select cable/satellite set-top boxes, DVRs, PVRs, media players and consoles; supports up to 1080p60 and 3D video and 5.1 audio signals
Rocketfish™ - 4-Port HDMI Switch - Black - Larger Front
  • Model: RF-G1185
  • SKU: 2947005
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Connects up to 4 HDMI source components to a single HDMI input; supports 1080p and 3D video; supports 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound; remote
Insignia™ - 15' Subwoofer Cable - Black - Larger Front
  • Model: NS-HZ510
  • SKU: 4531004
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Compatible with 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound systems; lets you connect an A/V receiver to a subwoofer; 15' length
AudioQuest - Forest 9.8' In-Wall HDMI Cable - Black - Larger Front
  • Model: HDMIFOR03
  • SKU: 2303253
Connects 1 HDMI component to another HDMI component via HDMI connection; 0.5% silver-plated copper material; nitrogen-injected insulation materials; high-speed rating; supports 1080p, 4K and 3D signals
Insignia™ - 12' VGA Cable - Black - Larger Front
  • Model: NS-PV12531
  • SKU: 5884115
Connects your PC to a VGA monitor or TV; supports most VGA video resolutions and 3.5mm stereo audio; 12' length

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