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Nostalgia Electrics - Hard Candy Cotton Candy Maker - Pink - Angle
  • Model: PCM805
  • SKU: 9809077
Spins hard candy into cotton candy; 2 plastic cones; translucent bowl
Nostalgia Electrics - Flossing Sugar Cotton Candy Kit - Multi - Larger Front
  • Model: FCK800
  • SKU: 6900658
Makes up to 42 cotton candy cones; features three 7-oz. jars of flossing sugar; pink vanilla, strawberry and blue raspberry flavors; 4 plastic cones; 10 plastic bags with twist ties
Nostalgia Electrics - Cotton Candy Maker - Watermelon - Angle
  • Model: PCM405WMLN
  • SKU: 4768117
NOSTALGIA ELECTRICS Cotton Candy Maker: Works with both hard candy and sugar; clear rim guard; indicator lights; includes 2 reusable plastic cones, 1 sugar scoop and 1 extractor head
Nostalgia Electrics - Vintage Collection Hard and Sugar-Free Candy Cotton Candy Maker - White/Pink - Larger Front
  • Model: PCM305
  • SKU: 6900454
Spins hard candy, sugar-free candy or sugar into cotton candy; clear rim guard; 2 plastic cones, sugar scoop and extractor head
Nostalgia - Cotton Candy Cart - White/Pink - Larger Front
  • Model: CCM200
  • SKU: 5623425
Works with flossing sugar, hard candy or sugar-free hard candy; clear-door storage compartment; pull handle; two reusable cones and a sugar scoop included

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