Questions About Digital Gifts

Getting Your Digital Gift

You are required to sign in using your account information or create a account. You will need this account to use the downloader application and complete your download. When you accept this digital gift, an account with the download provider will be automatically set up.

You may change the e-mail address that you use to sign in to the downloader application and download your digital gift. If you are creating a account, please enter the e-mail address you wish to use to sign in and download.

NOTE: When you change your e-mail address for signing in to download, you will continue to get gift e-mails with instructions at the original e-mail address that the giver designated.

Canceling Your Digital Gift

If you do not want to accept this digital gift, do NOT sign in. You may call Best Buy customer service to cancel your digital gift. If you do not sign in and accept the gift, your digital gift will be canceled automatically 31 days after the gift was purchased.

Sending a Digital Gift

The recipient will be able to see all items purchased in the same order containing your gift item. You may wish to send digital gifts in a separate order.