AT&T Next Features


Flexible Payments

Choose any smartphone for AT&T. You only pay taxes up front.


Faster Upgrades

If you'd like to upgrade early, you can trade in your device after 12 or 24 monthly payments, and no further payments will be required for the original device.


Monthly Savings

Save $15–$25/month per smartphone on your plan.1

1Savings compares the line access fee for a smartphone on a Mobile Share Value plan using AT&T Next against a 2-year contract. Discount will appear on your carrier bill within two billing cycles.

About AT&T Next

How do the costs compare?

Compare the cost of purchasing this device with AT&T Next or Next Every Year.

AT&T Next AT&T Next Every Year
Device Cost Due Today $0 + tax $0 + tax
Activation & Upgrade Fee $20–$45 $20–$45
Monthly Installments 30 24
Eligible to Upgrade After 24 months 12 months
  Best Value Fastest Upgrade

AT&T Next and Next Every Year available online and in store.

Choose from four monthly installment plan options:

How do the costs compare?

  • AT&T Next Every Year offers 24 monthly payments for your new smartphone and a trade-in option after 12 monthly installment payments.
  • AT&T Next offers 30 monthly payments for a new smartphone and a trade-in option after 24 monthly installment payments.

AT&T has made 2-year contract options unavailable for smartphones. However, you can select and customize an AT&T Next plan to fit your payment and upgrade preferences.

AT&T Next is currently not available in Washington, D.C.

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What is AT&T Next?

AT&T Next offers a new device pricing option. You can pay for your device over 24 or 30 monthly payments, and will be eligible to upgrade your device every 12 or 24 months.

How soon can I upgrade?

After 12 payments under the 24-month plan (AT&T Next Every Year) or 24 payments under the 30-month plan (AT&T Next), you can trade in your device and upgrade to a new one. When you trade it in, no further payments are billed for the original device.

Who is eligible for AT&T Next?

Any new AT&T customer with qualifying credit, or any existing AT&T customer who is eligible for an upgrade and account is in good standing condition.

Are there additional charges?

Sales tax is charged on your new device at the time of sale. No down payment or financing fees are required for well-qualified credit customers.

Is a contract required with AT&T Next?

AT&T Next requires that you sign an installment agreement to pay for the device over 24 or 30 monthly payments. If you cancel your wireless service, the remaining unpaid balance on the device is due.

How many installment plans can I have on my account?

There's a limit of ten per account.

Do I own the device, or is this a leasing offer?

The device is yours and you're responsible for 24 or 30 monthly payments. You're also responsible for any loss, theft, or damage to the device.

What if I want to keep my device?

If you don't want to trade it in, you can keep your device and your monthly device payments will end after 24 or 30 monthly payments.

Will I be able to pay off my device early?

Yes, you have the option to pay off your installment agreement, but the full outstanding balance will be due immediately.

What if the device isn't in good working condition when it's time to trade it in?

The device must be in good physical condition and full functional to trade it in. If the device isn't in good working condition, you'll be responsible for the remainder of your installment payments.

Are there ways for me to protect my AT&T device from loss or damage?

Yes, Best Buy offers Geek Squad® protection plans to cover loss or damage to your AT&T device.

AT&T Next/AT&T Next Every Year: For smartphones only. Divides retail price into monthly installments. Requires 0% APR monthly installment agreement and eligible service. Tax due at sale. $0 down requires well-qualified credit or 30% down payment option available. Pay more upfront and the remainder of retail price is divided into 30 or 24 monthly installments. AT&T Next: 30-month agreement with trade-in to upgrade when 80% of retail price is paid off. AT&T Next Every Year: 24-month agreement with trade-in to upgrade, when 50% of retail price is paid off. Service: Eligible postpaid service (voice and data) is required and extra. If service is canceled, remaining installment agreement balance is due. Activation or upgrade fee: $20. No upgrade fee for line with a smartphone purchased on an installment agreement prior to August 1, 2015. Waiver of fee subject to change. Limits: Purchase limit applies. Upgrade with eligible trade-in: Requires payment of percentage of retail price (50% or 80%); account in good standing; trade-in of financed device (or one of the same make and model) in good physical, and fully functional, condition through the AT&T Next and AT&T Next Every Year trade-in program (excludes AT&T trade-in program); and purchase of new eligible smartphone with qualified wireless service. After upgrade, unbilled installments are waived. Restocking fee: Up to $35. General wireless service: Subject to wireless customer agreement (att.com/wca). Services are not for resale. Deposit: May be required. Device limits: Purchase limits apply and prices vary by location. Credit approval; restocking and other fees; monthly, overage, and other charges; usage; and other restrictions per line; may apply. Pricing and terms subject to change and may be modified or terminated at any time without notice. Coverage and service are not available everywhere. You get an off-net (roaming) usage allowance for each service. If you exceed the allowance, your services may be restricted or terminated. Other restrictions apply and may result in service termination.