Sleepover Party — PRE-OWNED - Nintendo Wii

ESRB Rating: Everyone
Comic mischief
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  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Platform: Nintendo Wii
  • Genre: Turn Based Strategy|Simulation
  • Release Date: 05/08/2011
  • Color Category: Multi
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There won't be any sleeping with the fun you're going to have at this Sleepover Party. Join virtual hostess aimee as you plan your party, choose a theme, build your guest list and create shopping lists. after you have your party set up the way you like it, prepare to have a blast with your pajama-clad buddies as you play a variety of games and activities.

Sleepover Party offers an incredible experience filled with pie fights, fortune telling, dancing and More. Plan your party down to the last detail with your virtual hostess, aimee, who will help you choose a theme, create shopping lists and customize your party schedule. Choose a fun theme for your party, including hollywood, Beach, Birthday, halloween, Fashion, Winter and More. Play exciting party games, including Making predictions with the Fortune Teller, Mimicking aimee's dance Moves in Copy the host and racing to inflate and burst balloons before time runs out in Burst Balloons. aimee will also guide you through crowd-pleasing off-screen activities, including performing Makeovers, crafting friendship bracelets, decorating cookies and More. You better rest up for the fun that awaits you at this Sleepover Party.

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have fun while you plan all the details of your sleepover party with the help of your virtual hostess, aimee

Choose a fun party theme, including hollywood, Beach, Birthday, halloween, Fashion, Winter and More

Customize your party schedule with the activities that you and your friends like to do best

Find the stars in the crystal ball and uncover them to reveal a prediction in the Fortune Teller game

Mimic aimee's dance Moves and actions in Copy the host and race to inflate and burst balloons before time runs out in Burst Balloons

Balance your weight to the right or the left to prevent items from dropping off the tray in Balance the Tray and dodge the pies aimee fires at you in avoid the Pie (Wii Balance Board required, not included)

Try fun off-screen activities, including glamorous Makeovers, creating friendship bracelets, drawing, preparing face Masks, decorating cookies, competing in a dance-off and More

unlock and select fun outfits and accessories to Make aimee look great for any occasion

Make your sleepover an adventure with More than 60 party games

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