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Sony - PlayStation VR Launch Bundle

Sony PlayStation VR Launch Bundle:Immerse yourself in a virtual-reality gaming world with this Sony PlayStation VR bundle. Experience body-responsive gaming with the two PlayStation Move motion controllers. The built-in camera lets you take clear photos, and the stereo headphones provide rich sound. Challenge your gaming ability with the VR Worlds game included with this Sony PlayStation VR bundle.
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Best Buy Customer Reviews

Very Impressed4 Posted by: from: on I was able to get a hands-on with the headset in the end of June and was very impressed. I tried two games, Eve Valkyrie and Headmaster, a soccer game and both were amazing. I'll let you look up the videos on each, but the device was able to handle everything without any issues. I thought about doing an in depth review, but really, other people have already done that. Basically, the device works great. I wear two different glasses, one minimal and the other larger and I had no issues with either. I was also able to correct the focus to work with my glasses. I like that you wear your own headphones or earbuds. The controller felt natural, the cable was out of the way and didn't bug me. The headset didn't feel to heavy. The only real negative was there was a tiny bit of light that crept through pulling you out of the experience and since the device is running on a 3+ year old system, it can only handle 720p per eye, meaning you can see the pixels and they act as a screen door effect. All in all, it worked amazingly well, especially for the price. I know that the Vive and Rift are better, but this system all in is only $800 and a computer VR system will run you at least $1,500. If you can afford them, get them, but the price of this is well worth it.

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Beyond what my expectation was for it...4 Posted by: from: on I had the luxury of trying the PS VR during the demo days this past weekend 07/08-07/10 at the Bloomingdale, IL BEST BUY and I can tell you this, it's awesome, especially for a price tag of $399.99. The demo I chose to play was EVE Valkyrie because I wanted a space experience and oh boy did I get one. No latency, I didn't get sick so the refresh rate isn't in question..... The only thing I could see that was a negative, there was a slight screen door effect, and I'm not sure if that has something to do with the screen technology but it was noticeable a bit but it DID NOT take anything away from the experience. I almost sold my PS VR Bundle pre-order a few weeks back because I just had this feeling it was not going to be as good as the competition and am I glad I didn't do that, they employee at Best Buy was even asking if I wanted to sell my pre-order to him, lol, I said NOPE. The demo solidified my decision to keep it, it's the real deal, yeah it may not be as powerful as the Oculus RIFT or the VIVE but at least one thing is for sure, it's for GAMING.

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Beat Expectations, Almost Matched Hopes5 Posted by: from: on Good enough to be completely emersive. I was very impressed with the Eve: Valkyrie demo. The hardware was impressive and even running at 60 fps felt smooth. The graphical limitations are from the console, not the headset meaning that the PS4K will allow for better graphics and framerates. If I had a complaint it would be the field of view being a tad small but not too bad. A lot of potential if and when true full fledged VR games are developed.

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Welcome to the future5 Posted by: from: DFW TX on So the low star reviews have either not tried it or just mocking it because it's Playstation and they are probably upset that Xbox does not have anything like this. But let's put that to the side. What you have is VR. The Helmet is light weight and unlock other VR units, can be adjusted if you have glasses. Yes it does require the PS Camera for tracking hence the blue lights on the front of the VR helmet. Not every game will require the PS Move controllers. Some will allow the Dual Shock 4 controller (hence the blue light on the controller) or the new PS gun with a built a ps move type controller built in. Instead of mocking the device, let's actually get a sense of what is going on. Playstation is bringing VR to the masses. With 50 vr games out buy the end of the year. Until Sony announces more bundles, there actually maybe a shortage as Amazon sold out in 8 seconds. Try this link to find a demo unit near youL No one said the unit was going to be cheap, for for $399 for the unit it self or the $499 bundle that comes with the vr unit, camera, 2 ps move controllers and vr worlds is an actually good deal come to think about it. And remember, every PS4 game can be played on the VR in Cinema mode.

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Its great! You know5 Posted by: from: on They've dome so much research on it, worth the $$$

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A good start for VR gaming4 Posted by: from: Florida on I was fortunate enough to handle the actual finished product at Sony's GDC 2016 PS VR event. My review is based on that experience and I will attempt to share my experience. PlayStation VR isn't a wild reimagining of the VR headset, but it's one of the most attractive efforts that i've seen so far... The head-mounted display or "HMD" screams minimalism with a tag team of black and white matte plastic finishes. This completed version sported seven blue lights that the PlayStation Eye picks up to track your location and head movement. It's a pretty appealing and accurate head-tracking solution. The design of the PlayStation VR's strap looks good and thankfully, also felt extremely comfortable. Inside the headset is a 5.7-inch OLED screen with 1920 x RGB x 1080 resolution, which comes out to about to 960 x 1080 for each eye. The PlayStation VR offers a 100-degree field of view and a 120Hz refresh rate. Thanks to the event at GDC 2016 I can now say that I've tried full-on games. The experiences varied in levity from casual, playroom escapades to hyper-intense combat and even a horror game for added measure. It did seem that the more intense the gameplay the more likely I was to start feeling nauseated. I experienced similar nausea effects with 3D initially. After sometime of use, I no longer felt the motion sickness effect and I'm hoping PS4 VR yields similar results eventually. The games I played: Morpheus Castle: Morpheus Castle is a smack-'em-up title that served to demonstrate how Move can be used so brilliantly with PlayStation VR. By pressing the back triggers you'll curl your fingers into a fist. Extend them rapidly and you'll throw a punch. Your target? A hanging dummy. Complete the task and you're rewarded with your first weapon, a sword. This was a smooth, seamless experience and gave me hope that the Star Wars game we've always dreamed of – the one where lightsaber duels are not only plausible, but an enjoyable part of the game – are within arm's reach. RIGS: Mechanized Combat League: The best way to describe RIGS: Mechanized Combat League is by labeling it as a Titanfall-esque shooter imbued with the adrenaline and setting of a professional football game. During a brief demo, two friends and I took our RIGs into the arena to test the mettle of opponents in a three-on-three battle royale that had us blasting each other to bits, picking up the pieces and then jumping through a hoop in the middle of the map to put points on the board. It was fast-paced and highly detailed – probably a bit more than the PlayStation VR could handle. A limited field of view made it hard to see everything happening in my peripherals, and the fast-paced nature just about resulted in me tossing my cookies. Those were the only full games I was able to experience at the show. Sony has said to expect over 50 games to become available sometime this year for the system, some of which will be developed in-house, although many will come from indie and third-party studios. Sony has also claimed there are over 200 developers with developer's kits who are actively working on titles to supplement the first 50 games, and that gamers could expect to see a good mix of genres when the unit ships. Finally, and this is important, the PlayStation VR requires a PlayStation Camera to function, I highly recommend picking up this bundle. Some games also require a set of PlayStation Move controllers. My conclusion: For now it's an excellent, if not absolutely perfect, experience that will be fun to show off to friends or play with yourself, in half-hour increments. It might not be the best for long term use, but that's a decision we can visit again when the PlayStation VR comes out in October.

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An excellent add-on to the PS4!5 Posted by: from: Bakersfield,Ca on I had the opportunity to use this system last year at SD Comic Con when it was still called Project Morpheus. The headset was very comfortable and when coupled with a good headset, you forget it's even on your face. Everyone is trashing the VR capability of this unit but MOST don't have first hand experience with the unit to begin with. I can honestly say you really feel like your in the game. The graphics haven't taken a huge leap that will make you feel like your in a live action movie so don't expect that. The quality is that of any high end game that is out right now except you're actually immersed in a truly first person perspective. I played London Heist and the game started in a getaway sequence when the character has to fire on vehicles that are pulling along side your vehicle as your hauling butt down the freeway. Every movement you make matters in the game. I had to reach for a glove box that was in this vehicle I was sitting in and reach in to grab a pistol. Then I had to reach in and grab a magazine and make the motions as if I was really placing a mag inside the gun that I was holding. I was ducking and moving side to side as my vehicle took several rounds and at one point I was reaching for another magazine to reload my gun when I accidentally dropped the dang mag because I was in such a hurry to get it loaded! I had to reach down to the floor and look for my the magazine that I dropped and pick it up while I was still being shot at! How is that for realism! The depth was amazing and left me wanting more. I tried other modes in the game that required that I utilize cover by ducking and weaving etc. It was truly impressive. The possibilities of this system are endless and I get way too excited when I think what something like this would add to a game like Fallout 4 or The Division or even an MMORPG (like Sword Art Online = the whole dying irl thing). As I true gamer that plays on a high end self built PC, owns a PS4, Xbox1, a Wii U, a 3DS etc, I can say that this truly excites me. I may even pick up the Occulus Rift. This system coming out isn't about whether PS4 is better than Xbox1. Who cares what someone else prefers! Unless you own stock in the company you shouldn't be a mindless cheer leading drone trying to tear down the other system just because you don't own one. A real gamer appreciates ALL systems and ALL games because they all have their positives and negatives. This system is worth the money. I do wish there was a larger amount of titles to expect but that will come with time. I've also done the math and you can get the extras for a pretty cheap price if you don't want the bundle but ultimately the bundle is the better deal for convenience and not having to settle for second hand hardware. Hope this helps you all make a decision.

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Trolls5 Posted by: from: on If you can't afford it or don't like an inexpensive VR system then dont buy it. As for me this will finally let me use my PS4 since I don't have to use the terrible PS4 controller.

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Perfect bundle for those who want to overpay2 Posted by: from: Richmond, VA on Jump on the band wagon today and buy this bundle! It comes with a headset you likely haven't tried for yourself yet, and two accessories that can be found for much cheaper when purchased separately. This headset will offer great kiddy VR experiences to all. I can not wait to play games I have never heard of that if not in VR I would want to never hear of.

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The Best Choice for VR5 Posted by: from: on (TRIED AT PSX) On top of being ridiculously comfortable and super attractive, PSVR is hands down the most refined and consistent VR experience out there. The technology is top notch, with a beautiful display, top notch positional tracking, and a lightning fast 120hz refresh rate. However, the real value comes from the fact that this headset is plug and play, making it super easy for people who have never tried VR to get started and feel comfortable. You've really got to try VR before you judge it, and I'd say that PSVR is the best product to get started.

73 out of 100 found this review helpful.

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