SOS Coast Guard, Vol. 1 and 2 [DVD]

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S.O.S. Coast Guard: The Gas Chamber
Although he appeared to have perished on board the escaping launch, chapter three of S.O.S. Coast Guard reveals that Terry (Ralph Byrd) managed to escape just before the explosion. Boroff (Bela Lugosi), meanwhile, demonstrates his cunning by having the coast guard deliver Krohn (Henry Hale), a foreign scientist necessary for the further development of the fiendish disintegration gas. Pretending to be the victim of severe burns, Krohn is "saved" by the coast guard and brought to a waiting ambulance secretly in the employ of Boroff. Snapper (Lee Ford) is invited along for the ride but his elation turns to horror when Boroff decides to test the disintegration gas on him. Terry, however, interrupts this chilling turn of events and a scuffle ensues. The fight ends abruptly when Boroff cracks a vial with the deadly gas. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

S.O.S. Coast Guard: Disaster at Sea
In the opening chapter of Republic's S.O.S. Coast Guard, Officer Terry Kent (Ralph Byrd) is assigned by Commander Boyle (Herbert Rawlinson) to rescue a cargo vessel in distress. One of the survivors, however, is recognized as the infamous bearded inventor Boroff (Bela Lugosi), but before Terry can react, the villain has disappeared into the fog. Jim (Thomas Carr), Terry's brother, takes up the chase but is brutally killed by Boroff, who then has his mute sycophant, Thorg (Richard Alexander), remove the telltale beard. Alerted to the fact that something is amiss on the stranded S.S. Carfax, Terry, his reporter girlfriend, Jean Norman (Maxine Doyle), and her flibbertigibbet photographer, Snapper McGee (Lee Ford), board the wounded vessel but run afoul of Thorg, who is cutting the mooring cables in order to destroy all evidence of Boroff's contraband, a powerful disintegrating gas that the villain has been peddling to an enemy power. Trapped in the hull, the coast guardsman and his friends can only watch in horror as the ship sinks. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

S.O.S. Coast Guard: The Crash
Chapter eight of Republic's S.O.S. Coast Guard reveals that intrepid coast guard officer Terry Kent (Ralph Byrd) survived his underwater troubles. Certain evidence leads Terry, his reporter girlfriend Jean (Maxine Doyle), and photographer Snapper McGee (Lee Ford) to a kelp plant that is actually the secret hideout of Boroff (Bela Lugosi). Quickly covering all evidence of wrongdoing, Boroff and his minions hospitably show the guests around the plant but Snapper accidentally photographs some canisters containing the secret ingredient used to manufacture disintegration gas. Learning that the radioactive components may show up on Snapper's snapshot, Boroff assigns his men to follow the photographer and destroy the film. A harrowing chase ends with the gang forcing Terry's car off the road and over a cliff. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

S.O.S. Coast Guard: Wolves at Bay
Chapter nine of Republic's S.O.S. Coast Guard reveals that Officer Terry Kent (Ralph Byrd) and his two passengers, reporter Jean Norman (Maxine Doyle) and photographer Snapper McGee (Lee Ford), all managed to escape before their vehicle plunged into the ravine. Realizing that the game is up and that Terry is now in possession of evidence linking the kelp plant to the manufacture of disintegration gas, Boroff (Bela Lugosi) orders his men to mine the factory. The coast guard raids the plant but Terry arrives just in time to get all the men out. Unfortunately, despite warnings to stay put, Jean and Snapper wander into harms way just as the kelp factory explodes. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

S.O.S. Coast Guard: Barrage of Death
As the Carfax sinks, Terry (Ralph Byrd) and Jean (Maxine Doyle) are safe in an air hole. Thorg (Richard Alexander), meanwhile, finds his way back to Boroff (Bela Lugosi), who is blackmailing laboratory owner G.A. Rackerby (John Picorri) into working for him. Terry learns of Rackerby's involvement but upon investigating is captured by two of Boroff's minions (George Chesebro and Roy Barcroft). With Terry as his hostage, the latter escapes in a launch. Not realizing that Terry is on board, the coast guard attacks the fleeing boat and blows it to kingdom come. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

S.O.S. Coast Guard: Deadly Cargo
In chapter six of S.O.S. Coast Guard, the Adamic's boilers explode but Terry (Ralph Byrd) manages to get out of the room in time to rescue the trapped crew. One of Boroff's lackeys, Black (Robert Walker), is found wounded and is about to be questioned when silenced forever by Thorg (Richard Alexander). But before he expires, Black manages to whisper the words "pier" and "port." Guessing that Boroff (Bela Lugosi) has changed his modus operandi, Terry hastens to the small town of Pierport, where cases of light bulbs are about to be shipped out by rail. One of the bulbs breaks, however, and is revealed to contain Boroff's devastating disintegration gas. Attempting to disperse the vapors, Terry positions himself directly below a water tower that threatens to topple. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

S.O.S. Coast Guard: The Mystery Ship
In chapter five of S.O.S. Coast Guard, a trapped Terry (Ralph Byrd) escapes death in the nick of time by propping up the descending elevator with a block of wood. At the coast guard headquarters, Terry learns that the Adamic, a ship bound from Honolulu, may carry an ingredient vital to the development of Boroff's (Bela Lugosi) disintegration gas. He boards the Adamic in Hawaii and is allowed to search the vessel. But the ship's second-in-command, Belden (Herbert Weber), is secretly in the employ of Boroff and soon a gang of henchmen has taken over the vessel. Terry manages to extricate himself just in time to save the Adamic from colliding with a lighthouse. But can he prevent the boilers from exploding? ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

S.O.S. Coast Guard: The Deadly Circle
In the concluding chapter of S.O.S. Coast Guard, an unconscious Terry Kent (Ralph Byrd) is brought before Boroff (Bela Lugosi), who plans to use him as a hostage in his getaway. But Terry quickly regains his wits, manages to free himself, and is able to lead the coast guard on a final attack on Gull Island. Boroff, however, has planted disintegration gas at strategic places and Terry and the guardsmen are trapped. They are rescued by none other than Jean Norman (Maxine Doyle), who arrives in the nick of time with the counter gas developed by her scientist brother. The gang members are either killed or arrested but Boroff manages to slip away. The villain is tracked down and destroyed by Thorg (Richard Alexander), his ill-treated and vengeful slave, who is armed with one final vial of disintegration gas. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

S.O.S. Coast Guard: Undersea Terror
In chapter seven of S.O.S. Coast Guard, guardsman Terry Kent (Ralph Byrd) is revealed to have survived the crash of the water tower at the Pierport Station. His objective of smuggling disintegrating gas in light bulbs thus having failed, Boroff (Bela Lugosi) sends his henchman, Thorg (Richard Alexander), back to the sunken S.S. Carfax to retrieve the gas hidden in cases marked "kerosene." Diving for the wooden crates, Thorg is interrupted by Kent, who has learned of the activity from a couple of captured gang members. There is a furious underwater struggle and as the chapter reaches its conclusion, Thorg manages to destroy Terry's diving gear. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

S.O.S. Coast Guard: The Sea Battle
"They'll never get out of that," a henchman coldly states when a truck containing coast guard officer Terry Kent (Ralph Byrd) and scientist Dick Norman (Allen Connor) plunges over a cliff and into the ocean. But both miraculously survive and Terry can continue to hunt down Boroff (Bela Lugosi) and his disintegration gas, which is about to be shipped to a foreign power. With a radioactive tracking device, Terry learns the whereabouts of the ship, which is destroyed after a furious battle. Degado (George Chesebro), Boroff's chief henchman, manages to escape into the cave, however, and when he tries to follow, Terry is once again attacked by Thurg (Richard Alexander), Boroff's mute slave. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

S.O.S. Coast Guard: The Acid Trail
Although they were inside the exploding kelp plant, Terry (Ralph Byrd), Jean (Maxine Doyle), and Snapper (Lee Ford) all emerge no worse for wear. Boroff (Bela Lugosi) and his gang arrive to their secret island hideaway but discover that one of the cases of disintegrating gas has been left behind. Realizing that Jean's brother, Dick (Allen Connor), may be able to produce an antidote, Boroff sends a couple of his men to kill him. The scientist is abducted from his laboratory but the getaway truck accidentally leaks a trail of acid. When Terry finally catches up with the abductors, the truck is on fire with Dick trapped inside. As our intrepid hero struggles to free his friend, the brakes give way and the truck plunges over a cliff and into the ocean below. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

S.O.S. Coast Guard: The Fatal Shaft
Although the entire room disintegrates, Terry (Ralph Byrd) and Snapper (Lee Ford) emerge unscathed from Boroff's impenetrable glass chamber, glass being the only material not affected by the disintegration gas. Jean Norman (Maxine Doyle) brings a surviving vial of gas to be tested by her brother, Dick (Allen Connor), much to the consternation of Boroff (Bela Lugosi), who sends one of his thugs, Dodds (Carleton Young), to grab the girl. Jean is lured into revealing the location of the Norman laboratories and Dodds and the mute Thorg (Richard Alexander) are assigned to storm the place. The plan backfires, however, and Terry learns of the whereabouts of Jean. Having rescued the girl, the hero once again comes face to face with Boroff's henchmen, who this time get the upper hand. As the episode ends, Terry is left to die at the bottom of an elevator shaft. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

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