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There's nothing worse than freezing your latest binge-watching marathon. Follow these simple steps to identify the culprit.

Put simply, a dead zone is an area in your home that should be covered by Wi-Fi, but isn't. Don't panic — there is hope with these simple steps.

We've all been there. You grab your friend to show the latest piano-playing cat and the stream starts to buffer. Laughs turn into silence as you wait.

Sometimes the key to consistent speed requires tech feng shui. Here are rules to optimize your router placement and get the most out of your Wi-Fi.

Most home networks are slow, inconsistent and outdated. It's time to ditch the network of yesteryear and invite the future of tech into your home.

Networking Security

You've just finished getting Wi-Fi working and while it seems done, a few simple steps can help keep your network secure from hackers and unwanted users.

The difference between a hacker stealing your hard-earned cash and ignoring you completely could be as simple as five or six characters.

An unprotected network is susceptible to hackers that may steal banking info and much, much more. Never fear! Network security doesn't have to be difficult.

Too many acronyms will drive anyone crazy. Let's take a look at your router's encryption options and figure out what on earth they mean.

Managing your child's online activity can seem like a daunting task. Now, it's easier than ever thanks to handy third-party programs and built-in protection.

Check out ideas on how to keep your kids safe while they are using the internet. Learn about safety settings and parental controls.

Knowing is half the battle for online safety. Luckily, there are a few simple tools you can use to help monitor and limit what your child can do online.

Read the 5 things you really need to know about keeping your network safe and secure with internet security tools.

You've got a pretty solid start on keeping your kid safe, but no plan is foolproof. Here are a few extra ways to help your child stay safe.

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