The Daring Game for Girls — PRE-OWNED - Nintendo DS

ESRB Rating: Everyone
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Product Details

  • Publisher: Majesco
  • Platform: Nintendo DS
  • Genre: Educational
  • Release Date: 09/13/2010
  • Color Category: Multi
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You dream of a true adventure — rafting down the Amazon, climbing Mt. McKinley or going on an African Safari. Your goals are within your reach as long as you have determination. To prepare for your expedition, earn Essential Gear and Daring Girl Badges as you explore and learn fun facts, play sports and games, create a garden and items in your workshop and make friends for life. Use your ambition and show everyone you have what it takes to become a true Daring Girl.

The Daring Game for Girls allows you to complete activities and challenges to reach your ultimate goal of a thrilling journey. Pick from several characters with a wide range of ethnicities and features. Learn facts about famous historical women to ace pop quizzes, sell goods and lemonade to purchase new activities and give out specially crafted friendship items to the new friends you make along the way. Play exciting games, like freeze tag, double dutch, basketball, spy games and more. Earn all six Daring Girl Badges and make your dreams come true.

Product Features

Offers, bonus content and online play may not be available with purchase of this product or may require additional fees

All pre-owned games are repackaged and guaranteed to work

All pre-owned discs are refurbished and resurfaced

Game may not include original artwork and/or manual

Choose a character from one of several models with a wide range of ethnicities and features

Complete the main adventure or go straight to your favorite mini games to set a new high score

Navigate three environments and challenges to earn gear, inventory and collectibles

Learn fun facts about famous women in history and ace pop quizzes

Make friends and give out special friendship bracelets, pins, flowers and more

Sell goods and lemonade and use your profits to purchase new activities or expand on existing ones

Play games and activities, including freeze tag, double dutch, basketball, spy games, building a camp fire and exploring

Product images, including color, may differ from actual product appearance.