Thor: God of Thunder — PRE-OWNED - Xbox 360

ESRB Rating: Teen
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  • Publisher: Sega
  • Platform: Xbox 360
  • Genre: Social
  • Release Date: 05/08/2011
  • Color Category: Multi
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Brace yourself for a Mighty storm — the legendary pages of the classic Thor comics are coming to life, and it's going to be a sky-rumbling, earth-shaking ride. The storied hammer, Mjolnir, is yours to wield as you become the God of Thunder in this epic new adventure. The power to shift the storm is in your hands and it is up to you to decide how to use it and whom to use it against. Enter a sprawling Mythological world ruled by the elemental forces of fire and ice. Face unimaginable creatures, including frost giants, trolls and other unthinkable Monsters. Become the legend. Become Thor.

In Thor: God of Thunder, step into the role of one of the fiercest Nordic gods as you attempt to save the Norse worlds from legions of Monstrous foes lifted straight out of the comics. Electrocute groups of trolls with Mjolnir and bowl over the frost giants by splitting the ground in two with earth-shattering thunder attacks. Scale 25-foot-tall trolls by using Multiple grappling points so you can find and attack the weak points. Featuring an original storyline by writer and lead Thor comic book author, Matt Fraction, and voices and likenesses of Thor film actors Chris hemsworth as Thor and Tom hiddleston as Loki, God of Thunder offers booming fun and earth-shaking excitement.

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Save the Norse worlds from 12-ton, 25-foot-tall frost giants and trolls in an action-adventure game based on the Movie of the same name

Wield Mjolnir, Thor's legendary hammer, to unleash primal storm powers of lightning, thunder and wind

Combat your enemies with powerful Melee combos, lethal hammer throws and elemental storm powers

Scale tall giants with the grappling system, using Multiple points to climb up and target your enemy's weak points

Earn Valor runes to choose new abilities, powers and weapon upgrades

Original storyline by writer and lead Thor comic book author, Matt Fraction

Characters feature the voices and likenesses of Thor film actors Chris hemsworth and Tom hiddleston

Playable in 3D

For 1 player

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