Vintage Exploitation [5 Discs] [DVD]

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Flesh Merchant
The exploitational The Flesh Merchant purports to be the case study of two prostitutes. Joy Reynolds and Lisa Rack play the ladies in question, pontificating on their chosen profession while gamboling about in the briefest of undergarments. Mariko Perri and Guy Manford co-star as the main men in the girls' lives. Typical of its era, the film stops short of actual sex scenes, though little else is left to the imagination. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Wild Weed
This seedy anti-marijuana tract was distributed as She Shoulda Said No. The star is one Lila Leeds, who gained notoriety in 1948 when she and Robert Mitchum were arrested during a Hollywood pot party. Leeds plays an impressionable chorus girl who is hooked onto marijuana by her collegiate brother. Going from bad to worse, the girl becomes a dope pusher to support her reefer habit. Ultimately, she goes "cold turkey" and becomes a narc, working with the feds to smash the dope peddlers once and for all. Like most films of its ilk, Wild Weed is an unintentional laugh riot when seen today. The cast is a surprisingly good one, including Alan Baxter, Lyle Talbot, Michael Whalen and pianist Rudolf Friml Jr. Director "Sherman Scott" also travelled under the name of Sam Newfield. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Dance Hall Racket
Scalli (Timothy Farrell) runs a dance hall on the waterfront where lonely sailors can enjoy the company of pretty girls for a dime a dance. It's also a prime location for fencing smuggled diamonds, so Scalli keeps the hot-headed Vinnie (Lenny Bruce) in his employ as a strong-arm man. Whenever a beef arises, Vinnie can be counted on to go too far, and when one of his victims washes ashore with a dance ticket in his pocket, the customs officials put one of their men undercover to get to the bottom of things. Meanwhile, a former associate of Scalli's is being released from prison. For 11 years the jailbird has kept quiet about the location of a large stash of stolen dough. Even getting his tongue cut out while in stir wouldn't convince him to spill. Scalli throws him a party, hoping to weasel some information out of him. Unfortunately, he makes the mistake of offering Vinnie's girl, Rose (Honey Harlow), as a gift, and Vinnie's temper explodes into a torrent of violence that changes everybody's plans. ~ Fred Beldin, Rovi

Protect Your Daughters
This low-budget exploitation film warns parents of the dangers that can happen when their daughters get mixed up with "a fast crowd" and "go too far" -- in other words, they get pregnant. A very young Betty Grable, in her first film, can be seen in the cast. ~ Brian Gusse, Rovi

A Virgin in Hollywood
A female reporter wants to do a story on the dangers faced by young women who come to Hollywood to break into the movies. Posing as an aspiring actress herself, she begins to discover that the world of sleazy photographers, phony "casting offices" and lecherous agents is even worse than she suspected. ~ Brian Gusse, Rovi

Sin You Sinners
A middle-aged exotic dancer uses a magical amulet to keep her youthful looks and to psychically control the lives of those around her. Coveting the charm, her boss and his prostitute friend hatch a plot to steal it. At the same time, the stripper's daughter makes similar plans. When the dancer finds out, she puts a wicked spell upon the club owner and the streetwalker that results in murder. The karmic tables turn however, when the dancer loses the amulet. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi

Blonde in Bondage
A reporter penning a searing exposé on Swedish sexuality gets more than he bargained for when he becomes involved with a drug-addicted dancer with dangerous criminal ties in this shocking look at the Stockholm underworld of the 1950s. Looking to rip the lid off of Sweden's dark underbelly, reporter Larry Brand makes his way to Europe and soon befriends doped-up cabaret dancer Mona. When Larry attempts to help the troubled showgirl get out from under the thumb of her abusive captor, he severely underestimates power of the deadly drug lord. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

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