Zorro's Fighting Legion: Complete Series 1-12 [DVD]

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Zorro's Fighting Legion: Chapter 11 - Face to Face
With the water wagon's secret compartment performing as a buoy, Zorro (Reed Hadley) survives the plunge into the river. Returning to Ramon's home, he learns that Kala (Paul Marion), a Yaqui prince, is to be tried for the theft of firearms that might have enabled the evil Don del Oro to reach his goal of becoming emperor of Mexico. The council, which is secretly working for the megalomaniac, sentences Kala to death, and Zorro and Ramon (William Corson) realize that he must be saved lest San Mendolito erupt into wholesale slaughter. Creating a clever diversion, the legionnaires rescue Kala, who in gratitude becomes Zorro's blood brother. To prove that Don del Oro, whom the Yaqui have been worshipping as their god, is a mere empty shell, Zorro has Kala take him to the villain's cavernous lair. Satisfied that the Indians have been tricked, Kala gathers the tribe. But when they return to the cave, the moving statue of Don del Oro is once again inhabited by the mystery villain, who demands that Zorro be killed. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

Zorro's Fighting Legion: Chapter 03 - Descending Doom
In the third chapter of Zorro's Fighting Legion, our masked, whip-wielding hero (Reed Hadley) manages to save his friend Ramon (William Corson) just before the old mission explodes. Assigned to trail a couple of Don del Oro's henchmen, Zorro's servant Juan (Budd Buster) discovers a secret room in the Mendolito Mine, where Gonzales (Edmund Cobb) and his men are manufacturing the golden arrows used by Tarmac (Joe Molina) and his Yaquis to terrorize the area. His true identity about to be revealed, Juan makes his escape while Zorro, as foppish Don Diego, catches one of Don del Oro's men. About to reveal the true identity of his boss in front of the council, the henchman is killed by one of Tarmac's golden arrows. Returning to investigate the secret room in the mine, Zorro is caught off guard by a couple of thugs and soon finds himself knocked unconscious at the bottom of an elevator shaft. The arrival of the legion frightens the Indians operating the elevator, and the cage is sent plummeting towards a seemingly helpless Zorro. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

Zorro's Fighting Legion: Chapter 05 - The Decoy
Easily surviving the collapsing bridge, Zorro (Reed Hadley), who is still attempting to prevent the shipment of ammunition to Juarez (Carleton Young) from being hijacked by Don del Oro and his hirelings, lights the flaming "Z" to alert his Fighting Legion. In the meantime, Don del Oro's chief lieutenant, Moreno (James Pierce), sets a deadly trap for the wagon train carrying the ammo, which he hides in a cage. Feigning outrage, Felipe (Leander de Cordova) and his three cohorts on the council are stunned when a message from Zorro warns that he knows where the weapons are stashed. It is all a ruse, of course, and a panicking Don del Oro sends Tarmac (Joe Molina) and his Yaqui warriors to quickly move the stolen guns. Keeping track of each other by using carrier pigeons, Zorro and his men discover that Tarmac, Moreno, and Valdez (Charles King) are transporting the stolen ammo across Barrajos Pass. A furious fight ensues, during which Moreno sends a runaway buckboard filled with explosives toward the ensconced "legionnaires." As Zorro reaches the wagon, it explodes. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

Zorro's Fighting Legion: Chapter 01 - The Golden God
In 1824, Benito Juarez (Carlton Young), the president of the new Mexican republic, worries that vitally important gold shipments from the San Mendolito Mines will never reach Mexico City. The president's understandable fears are quelled, however, by local nobleman Don Francisco (Guy D'Ennery), who is organizing a "fighting legion" to protect the shipments and thus the safety of the six-months-old republic. Secretly opposing Juarez' endeavors are a group of influential capitalists, one of whom masquerades as Don del Oro, an ancient god of the local Yaqui Indian tribe. But when Don Francisco is killed by persons unknown, a visiting relative from California, handsome and affable Don Diego (Reed Hadley), assumes the disguise of Zorro to lead the legion in search of the identity of the homicidal Don del Oro. To keep his own identity a secret, Don Diego acts the foppish dude, much to the dismay of his pretty cousin Volita (Sheila Darcy), who denounces him as a coward that could learn a thing or two from Zorro. Meanwhile, the Yaquis, acting on a command from Don del Oro, do indeed attack the gold shipment, but are foiled by Zorro and the legion. Just then an explosion set off by white henchmen Moreno (James Pierce) and Valdez (Charles King) causes an avalanche in Zorro's path, making his sad demise almost a certainty. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

Zorro's Fighting Legion: Chapter 10 - Mystery Wagon
The golden arrow hits a mirror instead of Don Diego (Reed Hadley), but the would-be Yaqui assassin seems to have disappeared into thin air. Both Diego and Ramon (William Corson) suspect that the Indian may be hiding inside a water wagon destined for the San Mendolito mine. But mine-superintendent Gonzales (Edmund Cobb and the driver, Garcia (George Plues), feign ignorance and swear to the wagon's authenticity. Not convinced, our heroes follow the wagon to the mine but are told that Garcia only delivers water in the morning. Soon after leaving, they are attacked by a couple of Don del Oro's henchmen, one of whom, Martin (Ken Terrell), is killed in the ensuing struggle. The next morning, Diego discovers that the wagon indeed contains a secret compartment, which Don del Oro uses to smuggle weapons in his attempt to arm the Indians. But in a furious battle in the armory, Don Diego, as Zorro, is overpowered and imprisoned in the secret compartment of the water wagon. Ramon and the legion trail the wagon, which careens over a cliff into the raging river far below. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

Zorro's Fighting Legion: Chapter 06 - Zorro to the Rescue
Having survived the exploding wagon, Zorro and his legion return the stolen ammunition to San Mendolito with the message that the masked avenger "always fulfills his promise." Questioning Volita (Sheila Darcy), council members Felipe (Leander de Cordova) and Manuel (John Merton) are told that Ramon (William Corson) and Don Diego (Reed Hadley) are tending to the latter's cattle. "Don Diego has finally discovered that it takes a real man to run a ranch," Volita remarks disdainfully. On their way back to the council, Felipe and Manuel spy Ramon handing Zorro medicine for the wounded Miguel (Gordon Clark) and realize that they may learn the identity of the masked avenger by capturing the young man. Don del Oro instructs his henchmen to do just that, and Moreno (James Pierce) has one of the gang replace Ramon's groom Juan (Budd Buster). The plan works and both Ramon and his sister Volita find themselves at the mercy of the villains in a scary dungeon. Learning the fate of his friends from the captured, false groom, Zorro hastens to the rescue, and after some swordplay with the gang, is himself imprisoned in a sparse room. Only it isn't a room at all, but a cleverly devised torture chamber. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

Zorro's Fighting Legion: Chapter 07 - The Fugitive
After cleverly extricating himself from the torture chamber and rescuing Ramon (William Corson) and his sister Volita (Sheila Darcy), Zorro (Reed Hadley) changes back into his foppish alter ego, Don Diego. Confessing his newfound suspicions of Manuel (John Merton), Diego hatches a plan with Ramon that may prove once and for all whether the commandant is the nefarious megalomaniac Don del Oro. Tricking Manuel into helping him retrieve a letter that supposedly will unmask the master criminal, Diego is ambushed by Moreno (James Pierce) and his men. Manuel betrays that he knows full well what Moreno is after -- the nonexistent letter -- and is forced to explain himself to the council. In order not to betray the real Don del Oro, the commandant makes a quick getaway by hijacking the stage. Zorro, in hot pursuit, attempts to stop the speeding coach but is apparently shot by the desperate Manuel. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

Zorro's Fighting Legion: Chapter 09 - The Golden Arrow
Saved by an air pocket inside the mountain, Zorro (Reed Hadley) and Ramon (William Corson) swim to safety. Outside, they quickly capture the fleeing Manuel (John Merton), who is finally ready to name Don del Oro's true identity. "I owe him nothing now," says Manuel, "Don del Oro is. . ." Just then one of Don del Oro's Yaqui fighters kills the commandant with the ubiquitous golden arrow. Returning to the council, Don Diego (also Hadley) and the other members learn that Governor Felipe (Leander de Cordova) had long suspected Manuel of being Don del Oro. "What made you suspect him," Diego asks the disingenuous governor who then proceeds to prove his point. When Felipe has finished, Diego more or less accuses mine-owner Gonzales (Edmund Cobb) of being as much a suspect as Manuel. Gonzales, in turn, charges Diego with being Zorro, a theory supported by Don Pablo (C. Montagu Shaw), who reminds the council that Diego and Zorro have never been seen together. But Diego manages to deflect the accusations and instead agrees to reveal Manuel's last words. "Just before he died," Diego begins, when another golden arrow whizzes through the open window. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

Zorro's Fighting Legion: Chapter 02 - The Flaming "Z"
Having cheated death in an avalanche, Don Diego (Reed Hadley), aka Zorro, manages to get the gold safely to Mexico City, where he is greeted by a grateful President Juarez Carleton Young). Back in San Mendolito, Manuel (John Merton), the commandant, publicly blames Zorro and not the Yaqui Indians for attacking the gold shipment. Although he knows full well that Manuel is lying, Don Felipe (Leander de Cordova) suggests a reward of 100 pesos for every captured legionnaire. A somewhat disingenuous Don Diego disagrees and instead raises the ante to 1000 pesos. Meanwhile, a couple of Don del Oro's henchmen, Valdez (Charles King) and Moreno (James Pierce), trail legionnaire Miguel Torres (Gordon Clark) to Zorro's hideout and later capture the young man. Facing a firing squad, Miguel is rescued in the nick of time by Zorro, who ingeniously uses a swarm of bees in his attack. By copying Zorro's trademark, a burning "Z," in the hills above the garrison, Don del Oro lures the legion into a trap. Zorro, however, manages to rescue all but one of his men; when he returns for the wounded Ramon (William Corson), the legion's hideout explodes. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

Zorro's Fighting Legion: Chapter 12 - Unmasked
Believing that Zorro (Reed Hadley) has perished in an explosion, Don del Oro, the false Yaqui god, assigns the tribe to attack San Mendolito. In an aside to his henchmen, the villain reveals that he is a member of the San Mendolito council and that they must "send the government troops on a fool's errand." Zorro, who has escaped the explosion unharmed, reveals to a delighted Volita (Sheila Darcy) that he is Don Diego and that Don del Oro is a member of the council. About to learn the villain's true identity, Zorro and Ramon (William Corson) are interrupted by his henchmen, and the three crooked council members -- Felipe (Leander de Cordova), Gonzales (Edmund Cobb), and Pablo (C. Montagu Shaw) -- make their escape. At Don del Oro's cave, the false god kills his two fellow council members lest they reveal his identity. About to send his Indians out to kill, Don del Oro is stopped by Zorro who, after a hefty struggle, removes the villain's mask. The false Don del Oro is properly dispatched to the bottomless pit, and Don Diego is greeted by none other than President Juarez (Carleton Young), who makes Ramon the new governor of San Mendolito. To the rousing strains of William Lava's "&We Ride!", Zorro, alias Don Diego, returns to California, his mission accomplished. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

Zorro's Fighting Legion: Chapter 04 - The Bridge of Peril
Having extricated himself from his latest peril, Zorro (Reed Hadley) discovers a gun left by one of Don del Oro's henchmen. Attempting to find the weapon's owner, he breaks into the Hernandez Armeria, where he is confronted with no less than three thugs. Once again, Zorro uses his wits and escapes. Meanwhile, Felipe (Leander de Cordova) advises the Mendolito council that Juarez (Carleton Young) is arming himself and his troops. Several of the council members -- Pablo (C. Montague Shaw) in particular -- fear that the arms may seriously diminish Don del Oro's chance of becoming emperor of Mexico. With the assistance of Hernandez (Bob Mabesa), the local gun dealer, the council arranges for Juarez's shipment of arms to be diverted by Don del Oro's Yaqui Indians. Zorro, who is on to the scheme, hastens to alert the legion but is caught on a precipitous suspension bridge. Although wounded, a Yaqui Indian (Augie Gomez) manages to cut the robe that keeps the bridge in place and Zorro faces yet another deathly peril. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

Zorro's Fighting Legion: Chapter 08 - Flowing Death
Surviving Manuel's bullets, Zorro (Reed Hadley) manages to get away just as the runaway stage crashes into a ravine. With the assistance of Ramon (William Corson), Zorro brings the unconscious Manuel to the cabin of José (Jimmy Fawcett), one of the legionnaires. Dressed in Manuel's uniform and sporting a bandage that completely covers his features, Ramon is then deposited in the San Mendolito jail. Fearful that the wounded commandant may reveal his identity, Don del Oro assigns Valdez (Charles King) and Carlos (Theodore Lorch) to kill him. Using subterfuge, the two henchmen manage to get inside the fortress, where they quickly locate the man they believe is Manuel. "Don del Oro no longer has any use for you," Carlos hisses as Valdez is lighting a devastating fire. Happily, Zorro arrives just in time to rescue Ramon, but the latter is soon once again in the hands of Valdez. Trailed by Zorro, Valdez and his men bring the still-bandaged Ramon to Don del Oro's mountain hideout. While Zorro battles the henchmen, the real Manuel, who has tricked José, turns up. Realizing that Don del Oro has betrayed him, the commandant makes a quick getaway, while Zorro and Ramon are driven further into the mountain. To rid himself of the pesky intruders once and for all, Don del Oro has his men move some boulders and a raging underground river is unleashed, threatening to drown our heroes. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

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