Defeat Complexity. Push a button.

The World's Smartest Button Wireless app control.

Flic Smart Button


Control your smartphone with the press of a button by using this Flic wireless smart button. This simple device can turn on the lights, start music playing on your smartphone or turn on your air conditioning. Attach this tiny Flic wireless smart button to your clothing to quickly send a GPS distress signal while out or alone at home.

  • Compatible with different devices. Included iOS and Android devices.
  • Stable. Bluetooth Smart technology.
  • Simple and easy to use. Flic button has three triggers like Click, Double Click, and Hold.
  • Available. Readily available with 150 foot range
  • Reliable. Up to 2 years battery life.
  • Shareable. Many users can use the same Flic.
  • Durable. Weather and dust resistant
  • Unlimited Possibilities. Huge amount of uses across a diverse range of apps, services, and devices.
Bundle: Single
Color: Black


  • Flic Wireless Smart Button
  • Clip
  • Reusable adhesive


  • Warranty Terms - Parts: 1 year
  • Warranty Terms - Labor: 1 year
  • Weight: 0.0125 pounds
  • Product Name: Wireless Smart Button
  • Brand: Flic
  • Model Number: RTLBLA01
  • Additional Accessories Included: Clip