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ImpactHero Slim is where slim design meets functionality. A new, super single layer design keeps your device looking sleek and light, while durable. Not to mention, the soft-touch coating adds ultimate comfort. Powerful protection yet slim enough to be wireless charging compatible. Includes Microban antimicrobial product protection that reduces bacteria growth up to 99%.
About Open Box
This is an Open Box product, which means it's been opened and returned by another customer. Each open box item is unique, and we offer different discounts based on the . To see a product's condition before purchasing, visit us in store.
Big SavingsScore a major deal on a product that's a perfect fit for you and your budget.
Eco-FriendlyWhen you buy an Open-Box product, you're saving it from the landfill.
Easy ReturnsWe offer the same Returns and Exchange Promise for Open Box products as our new-in-box products.