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6 Films to Keep You Awake [3 Discs] [DVD]

Release Date:08/19/2008

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    Special Features

    • Making of Blame
    • Making of Spectre
    • Making of A Real Friend
    • Making of A Christmas Tale
    • Making of The Baby's Room
    • Making of To Let
    • Closed Captioned


    To Let
    Director Jaime Balagueró's short feature To Let constitutes an installment in the Spanish horror 'hexalogy' 6 Films to Keep You Awake (6 peliculas para no dormir, 2006) - a multi-director miniseries, comparable to the American Masters of Horror, originally produced for and aired on Spanish television. This episode concerns Carolina and Tony, a newly married, expectant couple searching for an apartment to rent. Caught in a pounding rainstorm, they happen upon an abandoned property with a third level available to rent. The facility hardly looks inviting: its floors are littered with dismembered store mannequins, its rooms seemingly vacant. The real estate agent nonetheless assures them that the building is being renovated, and that two families have just moved in. He then invites Carolina and Tony to visit the third floor apartment and have a look around. They unwittingly oblige him, and soon find themselves suddenly entrapped in a prison of horror ruled over by a venomous, malevolent landlady. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi

    Originally produced as part of the Six Films to Keep You Awake horror series from Spain, Who Could Kill a Child? director Narciso Ibáñez Serrador's Blame follows a hospital nurse as she goes to work at a private clinic that isn't what it first appears to be. Ana is a respected gynecologist who works at the same hospital where Gloria is staffed as a nurse. In addition to working at the hospital, however, Ana also runs a private clinic out of her home. As fate would have it, the nurse who used to work at Ana's clinic has recently moved on, leaving open a space for Gloria should she choose to take it. Ana and Gloria have been close friends for quite some time, so when Ana invites Gloria and her daughter Vicky to move in as well it seems like a perfect fit for all involved. At first glance the clinic seems comfortable and cheerful, yet a closer look reveals that something sinister is alive within those open and airy walls. Just as Gloria settles in to her new abode, Ana drops a serious bombshell: The "private clinic" is actually a clandestine abortion clinic, a mysterious place where truth, pain, life, and death all exist simultaneously. Neither the patients nor the doctors here are ever truly alone, and by the time Gloria discovers the horrible secret that dwells in the room upstairs it's already far too late to turn back. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

    The Baby's Room
    Originally filmed as part of the Six Films to Keep You Awake horror series from Spain, Alex de la Iglesia's The Baby's Room weaves the unsettling story of a young couple who moves into a renovated home with their newborn child, only to discover that sinister forces are at work around them when the baby monitor begins to malfunction in a most unsettling manner. Juan and Sonia have found the perfect home to start a family in, or at least that's what they thought when they first moved in. Everyone is content in their new surroundings until, after tucking into bed after an exhausting day, Juan begins to hear strange noises coming though the baby monitor. Upon checking the child to find that nothing is amiss, Juan assumes that he was just hearing things. When the noises persist, however, the couple makes the decision to replace the audio-only monitor with a new version that also features a video camera. Unfortunately things go from bad to worse when Juan wakes up in the middle of the night to see a complete stranger standing over his sleeping child. Racing into his child's room, Juan is relieved to find that, once again, his imagination seems to have gotten the best of him. Still, the concerned father can't shake the feeling that something supernatural is happening in his beautiful new home, and after falling into a frightening spiral of paranoia he enlists the aid of a paranormal investigator to find out what's really going on. But the truth, as Juan will soon find out, is so shocking that it will test the very limits of his sanity. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

    Xmas Tale
    Paco Plaza, the Spanish horror heavyweight behind such deeply disturbing frighteners as REC (with Jaume Balaguero) and Second Name, shows that the seeds of cruelty are more sinister when planed early in this tale of a desperate thief trapped in a well, and the children who go back on their promise to help her out. A group of children spending the holidays in a summer resort village are playing in the woods when they make a most unsettling discovery: A woman dressed in a Santa Claus outfit is trapped at the bottom of a very deep well. Upon approaching the local police for help, the kids discover that the stuck Santa is actually a dangerous thief who has recently disappeared following a daring heist. According to the cops she made off with a substantial amount of cash, a revelation that prompts the kids to go back to the well and begin bargaining in monetary terms. Should the thief give up her will give up the cash, say the kids, they will help her out of the well. It seemed like a straightforward plan, but once they had the cash in hand the kids find themselves reluctant to follow through on their end of the bargain - who's to say that she won't snatch the cash right back and kill them all once she gets free anyway? While they make the decision not to free the woman, they return to the well day after day to feed her and look after her. With each passing day the woman's forced captivity begins to more closely resemble torture, her body weakening due to a steady diet of children's food and her mind growing unhinged due to the grimness of her situation. Then, one day, the children return to find the well empty. Santa is coming for them, but this year instead of waiting by the chimney they'll be running for their lives. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

    A Real Friend
    Originally produced as part of the Six Films to Keep You Awake horror series from Spain, The Ninth Gate screenwriter Enrique Urbizu's A Real Friend tells the tale of young girl still dealing with the death of her father when she's befriended by a charming vampire. Ever since her father died when she was just a young girl, ten year old Esrtella has lived alone with her mother Angela. Estrella is a child with an exceptional imagination, and in order to more easily digest the steady diet of horror and fantasy stories she thrives on, she befriends the monsters that would otherwise cause her endless nightmares. But Estrella's newest companion may be more than just a figment of her overactive imagination, and it won't be long now until she finds out the answer that age old question: "Do monsters really exist?" ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

    Nearly a decade after making his feature directorial debut with the stylish psychological thriller Nobody Knows Anybody, Open Your Eyes's screenwriter Mateo Gil returns to frighten film lovers with this installment of the Six Films to Keep You Awake horror series concerning an ageing writer confronted by a lingering childhood obsession. Upon returning to the quaint coastal village where he was born and discovering that it has long since been turned into a tacky tourist resort, elderly writer Alejandro suddenly finds his thoughts drifting back to a painful experience from his past. As a young boy Alejandro met a mysterious woman he could never forget, no matter how hard he tried. Her beauty was hypnotic, and she was married to a local sailor. When rumors began to spread that she was seeing another man behind her husband's back, however, the community aligned themselves against her. Yet despite the fact that she was a virtual outcast in the village, Alejandro still remains under her captivating spell to this very day. One day, while walking through town, Alejandro catches a glimpse of a woman who is the spitting image of that beautiful pariah. But could it really be her? After all these years, she doesn't appear to have aged a day. A cauldron of pent up emotions boiling up within him, the elderly writer somehow summons the courage to follow the woman to her destination. But it isn't mere chance that brought Alejandro back into contact with woman he has tried for decades to forget; she's been patiently awaiting his return all along, and only by giving in to his overwhelming desire for her will he finally find out why. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

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