Can I Take Pictures, Too?

Can I Take Pictures, Too?

Video and Pictures in One Package
Ensuring Optimal Quality in Both Formats
Master Exposure for Perfect Pictures
Capture Stunning Shots

Video and Pictures in One Package
Even while you’re shooting video, you may sometimes get the urge to capture a still picture. Many camcorders offer only rudimentary photo capabilities, and carrying around a separate camera can be a hassle.

To meet the needs of those who want the freedom to shoot either video or photos at a moment’s notice—without hauling extra equipment—a variety of Canon’s camcorders offer sophisticated features and stunning results for both.

Ensuring Optimal Quality in Both Formats
It makes perfect sense: In Canon’s high definition (HD) camcorder models, the same Canon CMOS image sensor that enables you to capture lifelike video also allows you to take crisp, clear digital photos. In fact, Canon camcorders can offer still image resolution of up to 3.1 megapixels—enough to let you print high-quality pictures at the popular 4"x6" and 5"x7" sizes.

Genuine Canon Optics help make this possible. Just like Canon’s digital and 35mm cameras, all Canon camcorders come with advanced lenses that are designed for superb definition and exceptional contrast. And the optical zoom in these camcorders gives you a range of focal length beyond what you would find in most point-and-shoot cameras.

Canon’s exclusive DIGIC DV III Image Processor also does double duty. Not only does the processor meet the heavy demands of video recording, it also allows you to shoot five high-quality still images per second while providing speedy processing to your memory card.

But Canon camcorders don’t just treat video and still photos exactly the same. They come with advanced digital camera features built in. And they’re designed to meet the many specific requirements that ensure high-quality output in each format.

Because quality video requires extremely sharp focus, Canon’s VIXIA high-definition camcorders come with an Instant AF focusing system that provides far greater speed and accuracy than traditional auto focus systems. Working in conjunction with an external sensor, the Instant AF system lets you achieve focus in virtually no time at all—even in bright or low-light scenes, or when you’re following moving subjects.

Master Exposure for Perfect Pictures
Canon’s camcorders offer sophisticated photo features that you would expect to find in the most advanced point-and-shoot cameras. For example, exposure modes let you adapt to virtually any shooting conditions. If you just want to snap a fast, yet high-quality shot, you can use Program mode to have the camcorder adjust camera settings automatically. To control depth of field by choosing an aperture length, you can select Aperture Priority mode. And, to capture action shots with perfect clarity, you can choose Shutter Priority mode. No matter which settings you use, you’ll have the confidence that your camcorder is processing your still pictures with the same photo technology used in Canon’s most advanced digital cameras.

Canon camcorders also offer exposure modes such as:

  • Portrait: Use shallow depth of field to get better shots of your friends and family.
  • Sports: Take advantage of faster shutter speeds to stop the action.
  • Night: Capture vivid shots even after dark.
  • Snow and Beach: Ensure the right exposure even in bright surroundings.
  • Sunset: Reproduce stunning reds, oranges, and yellows.
  • Spotlight: Capture the high points of any on-stage performance.
  • Fireworks: Meet one of the toughest photography challenges of all with relative ease.

To help you overcome difficult lighting conditions and annoying red-eye, many Canon camcorders provide a built-in flash with red-eye reduction. A Histogram Display—also found in Canon’s digital SLR cameras—lets you see the brightness information of your photos so that you can adjust exposures as you go. And a Level Marker and Grid Marker enhance your ability to accurately line up and compose your shots.

Capture Stunning Shots
One of the biggest advantages to using a Canon camcorder is that you never have to limit yourself to “just video” or “just photos.” You have three flexible ways to capture the still pictures you want.

If you’re using a camcorder that offers still shooting capabilities, you can simply flip a switch or press a button to enter camera mode. From there, you’ll use your camcorder just like a digital camera, taking advantage of all the camera features we’ve just described. It’s that easy.

But what if you’re already shooting video and want to snap some still pictures in the process? No problem. Just click the photo button at any key moment of your film, and you’ll capture a high-quality photo to your miniSD or standard SD memory card without interrupting the video.

You can even capture photos from already-recorded video. Simply start shooting video with your Canon camcorder and capture all the special moments you want to preserve. Then, while reviewing your high-quality footage, pull a few of the classic shots out of the video to cherish them in traditional photo form. If you are using a Canon VIXIA high-definition camcorder, you can even grab a photo right off the video stream.

How does this unique feature work? While you’re playing an already-recorded movie in your camcorder, just press the photo button at any moment. You’ll capture an image of that exact moment to your memory card. Using the card, you can easily e-mail the picture to friends and family, or print it and store it in a safe place for yourself. Don’t like the picture you selected? Simply try again—as many times as you want—because capturing photos does not alter your video in any way.

Canon camcorders offer some of the most sophisticated and inspiring video technology and results—in addition to this convenient photo functionality.