Busting the Plasma TV Myths
We explore some common misconceptions about plasma TVs — and give you the real story.

Myth: Plasma TVs are not energy efficient and will dramatically raise my electric bill

Reality: In general, the energy efficiency of newer plasma TVs is much improved over models from the past. On BestBuy.com you can check the yearly cost of using a plasma TV by clicking on the word "Images" on any individual TV page (directly underneath the image of the product). This will open a popup window, and there should be a link that says "Energy Guide." This will display your estimated yearly electricity cost in dollars and your usage in kilowatts.

Myth: Plasma TVs are just too expensive

Reality: The prices for plasma TVs have come way down since the early days of the technology, and are considerably cheaper than even just a few years ago. See for yourself, in our selection of plasma TVs.

Myth: Plasma TVs can easily get permanent, burned-in images on their screens

Reality: Plasma TV manufacturers have recently introduced a number of technologies that greatly reduce the ability of static images to "burn into" a screen. One of them moves an on-screen image back and forth slightly, creating a color change in each pixel. Another involves making longer-lasting green phosphors that are more resistant to burn-in. With these and other advances, some manufactures now claim their plasma TVs have the same resistance to burn-in as the older tube (CRT) TVs.

By following a few simple guidelines found in your owner's manual, you should be able to avoid any issues with burn-in. If you do leave a static image on your screen for too long, it will likely just leave a ghost image that should disappear after a few new images are displayed on the screen.

Myth: Plasma TVs are becoming obsolete, compared with LED and LCD TVs

Reality: Plasma TV technology is still as viable as ever and generally provides a better picture in darkened rooms, a faster refresh rate, a wider viewing angle and other qualities that LED and LCD TVs generally can't match.

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