Animal Apocalypse: 4 Movie Set [DVD]

This collection includes four films featuring horrifying birds, bats, and primates with the potential to destroy humanity.
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Sean Patrick Flannery and Rod Taylor star in this horrific tale of a small town overrun by a conspiracy of flesh eating ravens. Middletown sheriff Wayne Merkle (Flannery) has grown used to the quiet life over the years, and like the other citizens of his bustling community he could have never suspected what horrors were about to unfold during his last day before moving to the city with his pretty new bride Cynthia (Kristin Booth). The first sign that something was amiss in the skies over Middletown occurred when outcast farmer Clyde (Stephen McHattie) was attacked. But the locals have all grown tired of Clyde's bizarre exploits over the years, so when he comes into town claiming that he was attacked by ravens most folks simply laugh him off. Their guffaws soon turn to blood-curdling screams, however, when the local girl's soccer team comes under attack and the citizens are forced to barricade themselves in the town diner. While Sheriff Merkle and his good friend Doc (Taylor) do their best to board up the diner and ensure the safety of the citizens, they quickly discover how futile their efforts were when the flesh-eating fowls make quick work of the flimsy shelter. It seems that local farmer Oskar (John Ralston) has been hiding some particularly unsettling developments from his fellow townspeople as of late, leaving the average citizens easy pickings for the razor-talon terror that circles above. As the day turns to night and the jet-black feathers of death become indistinguishable from the darkened sky, the few remaining survivors will wage one last, desperate stand against the army of merciless killers that circle overhead. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Bats: Human Harvest
This horror film focuses on a rogue weapons research scientist who, after losing his project to a shut-down by the American military, sets up camp in the Belzan forest of Chechnya. A team of hardcore Deltas are making their way through the wilderness to find the doctor's lab before the Russians do, but they're confronted by unanticipated terror when they run up against the scientist's project: a massive cloud of bloodthirsty bats. ~ Cammila Collar, Rovi

In this chiller, a trio of heroes must enter a black Southwestern cave and destroy an entire colony of plague-bearing bats, vampire bats. The story is based on a novel by Martin Cruz Smith. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi

Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America
Forget about Hitchcock's Birds, because in this made-for-television disaster film an outbreak of the dreaded Avian Flu mutates to cause a worldwide pandemic that will shake the very foundations of modern society. The worst case scenario has finally become a reality. Born in Hong Kong and gradually adapting the traits which allow it to transfer from human to human, the Avian Flu causes mass panic as tens of millions of men, women, and children rapidly succumb to the its ravaging effects. As panic sweeps through the streets and entire cities are quarantined, humankind will discover that the dreaded Black Death of the 14th century was merely a minor precursor to the virus that would decimate the entire planet as it threatens the very existence of the human race. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Cast & Crew

  • Sean Patrick Flanery
    Sean Patrick Flanery - Wayne Merkle
  • Stephen McHattie
    Stephen McHattie
  • Kristin Booth
    Kristin Booth
  • Rod Taylor
    Rod Taylor
  • Ashley Newbrough
    Ashley Newbrough
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