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  1. Apple - Mac Pro Desktop - 8-core - Intel Xeon W - 96GB Memory - 2TB SSD - Silver - Front_Zoom

    Apple - Mac Pro Desktop - 8-core - Intel Xeon W - 96GB Memory - 2TB SSD - Silver

    Model: 13883405
    SKU: 6400303

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    Your price for this item is $10,199.99
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  3. Apple - Pre-Owned - Mac Pro - Quad-Core Intel Xeon Processor - 12GB Memory - 256GB Flash Storage - Black - Front_Zoom
    Your price for this item is $799.99

Buying a Mac Pro.

Is a Mac Pro computer right for you?

The second-generation Mac Pro tower design broke away from the traditional desktop tower chassis, and transformed into a sleek, black cylinder that is deceptively small. Inside, the Apple Mac Pro remains built for creativity and packed with power to bring your vision to fruition.

Multicore processors, tons of memory and dual GPUs deliver plenty of muscle for demanding video editing software, complex applications and intensive data crunching. PCI Express-based SSD storage lets you quickly boot up, start programs, and open massive files. A unified thermal core and sophisticated fan system help the Mac Pro keep its cool under pressure, making it a solid choice for 3D animators, VFX graphics designers, app developers, programmers and scientific researchers.

Bringing your Mac Pro home.

With its compact form factor and polished presentation, Mac Pro doesn't need to be tucked away. It can form the heart of your production center without taking over your entire space.

Similar to Windows-based PCs, the Mac Pro desktop doesn't include a display, nor will you find other accessories in the box. Complete your ideal workstation with one or more 4K monitors, letting you observe every detail in Ultra HD. A computer monitor stand or mount lets you arrange your screens at a comfortable height as you focus or keep tabs on multiple projects at once. A Bluetooth keyboard and wireless mouse keep clutter to a minimum as you fine-tune your creations.

Beyond the fundamental setup, Mac Pro includes a host of USB 3 and Thunderbolt 2 ports (among others), allowing you to connect and disconnect an array of storage drives, disc drives and other peripherals as each project requires. Thunderbolt 2, in particular, combines high speed with versatility, and allows you to daisy-chain multiple devices. Next-generation 802.11ac Wi-Fi adds further possibilities to interact with other wireless peripherals on your network.

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