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Buying an Apple Watch Series 1

Apple Watch Series 1 Features: What It Can Do for You

There are several reasons you might want an Apple Watch Series 1 smartwatch. First and foremost, it’s a fitness tracker with a built-in heart monitor, but Apple Watch Series 1 features extend far beyond just managing your health and monitoring stress. When it’s paired with your iPhone, it gives you access to a wide range of apps and notifications. Even without a smartphone, the Series 1 watch tells time, tracks your workouts, lets you pay with Apple Pay, plays podcasts and music from a synced playlist, showcases your photos, and checks your heart rate. It uses Wi-Fi for internet connectivity and Bluetooth to connect to your iPhone. In fact, many people use a wireless Bluetooth headset to make and take calls anywhere.

The Apple Watch Series 1 has a dual core processor that makes it up to 50% faster than the original design, with a built-in accelerometer for speed, and a gyroscope for direction. It’s water-resistant for showering and handwashing, but spending a day swimming in the ocean with it on your wrist is not recommended. It has an ambient light sensor so you can use it any time of night or day. The health app can track walking, steps and distances, and you can count on your personal assistant Siri for reminders. The built-in heart rate sensor provides heart rate monitoring, which can also help you calculate the number of calories burned during your workout.

Getting the Most Out of Your Apple Watch 1

Most agree the Apple Watch 1 is a tech device that blurs the lines between function and fashion with its aluminum case, Ion-X screen with glass cover, and durable, flexible, and comfortable soft silicone band. Your Apple Watch 1 of choice will come with a space gray, silver or white band, but it’s easy to swap out the interchangeable Apple Watch band, in leather, nylon or stainless steel for example, and in black, pink, blue, or rose gold, to name a few of the available colors. You may want to help safeguard the watch face with an Apple Watch screen protector that will fend off scratches and keep the display crystal clear.

As for battery life, the Apple Watch Series 1 features a built-in rechargeable battery. Apple says you can depend on getting around 18 hours of use after a full, overnight charge on an Apple Watch stand or charging dock, depending on how you use it. Making calls uses more juice than playing music, which drains power faster than employing the watch’s fitness features.