Best Buy Assured Living

Peace of Mind for You. Continued Freedom for Them.

Best Buy Assured Living is your partner in caregiving for your loved one. Keep connected while allowing your aging loved one to live and thrive independently.

Best Buy Assured Living

Available in the Denver area

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Stay Connected to the Ones You Love

With a busy life, you can't always be near your loved ones. Best Buy Assured Living uses non-intrusive sensors that provide insight into daily activities, such as movement and sleep patterns. You'll learn about activity trends and receive notifications if something changes.

Your loved ones will also benefit from Wellness Coaching sponsored by UnitedHealthcare. They can call trained experts and receive customized five-week improvement plans in areas such as nutrition, stress and physical activity. There can also be regular check-in calls to discuss progress.

Print and share this brochure with your loved one
  • Wellness Insights

    Use data to discover patterns in your loved one's activities for more informed conversations. Learn if they are locking doors, using the kitchen and medicine cabinet, and much more.

  • Personalized Solution

    We'll work with you and your loved one to come up with a custom system that best meets your needs, and we'll have it professionally installed by Geek Squad®.

  • Custom Notifications

    With sensors tracking and sending automatic updates to your phone and dashboard, you can customize notifications about your loved one's activities and well-being.

  • Wellness Coaching

    This service sponsored by UnitedHealthcare includes 24/7 phone access to wellness coaches, senior-focused health education, and referrals to local community resources.

  • Voice Automation

    Daily tasks, like turning on and off lights, locking doors and changing the temperature are a lot easier and more fun for your loved one.

  • Automatic Reminders

    Set up automatic reminders to ensure your loved one doesn't miss an important task — like taking medication.

How Best Buy Assured Living Works

step 1

Learn More

Call us at 1-855-569-6538 to begin the conversation.

step 2

Talk with an Advisor

Our expert will work with you to recommend a customized plan based on your family’s needs.

step 3

Moving Forward

Love your plan? Your advisor will order products, schedule all deliveries and installations, and join you at the time of installation.

Your advisor will be with you every step of the way — at no cost to you.

Assured Living and Smart Home Products

Dashboard & App

This is where sensor data is displayed, where notifications are sent, and where you control and automate smart home products.

Bed Pressure Sensor

Learn about your loved one's sleep habits with this non-invasive sensor.

Chair Pressure Sensor

Get info on how much time your loved one spends in a favorite chair.

Motion Sensors

Detect activity or lack of motion in the most commonly used rooms.

Door/Window Sensors

Get info on activity and wellness with sensor placement on doors, windows, refrigerators and medicine cabinets.

Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera

View and talk to any visitors at the door without getting up.

Deadbolt Smart Lock

Lock the door through Amazon Echo or a mobile app.

Smart Thermostat

Keep the home comfortable and safe with this programmable thermostat.

Smart Lighting

Program lights to turn on, turn off and dim at desired times, or when movement is detected.

Amazon Echo

Control lights, thermostat and more with simple voice controls.

Control Panel

Ties together your smart home products and communicates data to your dashboard and app.

Available in the Denver area

Best Buy Assured Living
Chat with an Advisor

Call 1-855-569-6538 or request a call

Assured Living Packages Start at $189.97

Plus a Monthly Fee of $59.99

Packages include a control panel, motion sensor, bed pressure sensor, door/window sensor, and Wellness Coaching, as well as access to a dashboard & app that keep you aware of your loved one's daily activities and changes in routine.