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Talking to Your Mom
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Starting the conversation about how to care for your mom as she gets older can be tough. Getting everyone onboard — including both your mom and other family members — takes planning and patience. A little preparation, however, can make the process smoother. The steps below can help you find common ground with your mom and more easily introduce Assured Living.


Start the Conversation

You may be getting more worried about your mom living alone or starting to notice she needs more help, but it's not always easy to start a conversation about it. Finding a way to approach the topic naturally can make it easier. For example, if your mom's friend fell and couldn't get up on her own, take the opportunity to voice your concern about the same thing happening to your mom. What would she do in that situation? If you're having trouble getting the conversation started, try something like, "Mom, have you thought about what you might do if you needed help?"

Another way to find an opening is by mentioning a story you heard in the news, such as a feature on home health care for seniors. If the conversation feels uncomfortable, try something like, "I know this is hard, but I worry about you and I want to help make sure you're safe."


Share Your Concerns About Mom and Find Out What's Important to Her

If you've noticed Mom is losing her balance more often or forgetting to take her medication, let her know that you're worried about her and want to help make sure she's okay. Start by sharing your observations and worries, and ask open-ended questions about what your mom wants and needs. Listen without interrupting, and acknowledge her desires and concerns. You can then use this opportunity to explain how Assured Living can help meet both your needs:

  • Does she want to continue living in her own home? Share how Assured Living can help her stay in her home longer by sending alerts when something is out of the ordinary and she may need help.

  • Does she love having company but has trouble answering the door? Share how a video doorbell1 and smart lock1 could let her see who's at the door and unlock it from her smartphone or tablet.

  • Does she forget to take her medication at the right time? Share how Assured Living can send automatic reminders at certain times of the day.

  • Does she have trouble getting to a light switch in the dark? Share how Assured Living makes it easy to turn lights on and off using voice commands or motion sensors.

Let your mom know that she's in charge of deciding which family members receive alerts if the system detects anything out of the ordinary. No one else can access her information without permission. Plus, you can focus the conversation on how smart home products will make her life easier. She can control the temperature, lock or unlock the door, and talk to visitors at the door — all without leaving her chair.


Make a Plan Together

Invite your mom into the process of planning for her future care. Talk through the pros and cons of different caregiving options, including Assured Living, medical alert systems, in-home health care, or moving to senior housing or an assisted living facility. Compare the cost of care and consider how each option might impact your mom's lifestyle, as well as your own.

If you need more support in getting your mom to accept the help she needs, you may want to ask a trusted medical professional or family friend to talk things through with your mom. The more she hears from people who care about her that they're concerned, the more she may be willing to accept a little extra help.

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  1. Not all products available in all markets.