Attack from Outer Space/Atomic Rulers of the World/Evil Brain from Outer Space [3 Discs] [DVD]

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Atomic Rulers of the World
A hero from the deepest reaches of space arrives on planet Earth to save mankind from atomic destruction in this feature film comprised of episodes of the popular Japanese sci-fi series Super Giant. As the citizens of the distant planet Emerald watch over Earth, they are shocked to discover that the rouge nation of Mirapolia has distributed atomic weapons all over the planet. Though the Mirapolians have vowed to destroy Earth if they cannot rule over it, the arrival of space savior Starman provides the frightened citizens of the endangered planet a ray of hope in what may be their darkest hour. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Evil Brain From Outer Space
This Japanese sci-fi film, ostensibly a sequel to Attack from Space, is actually re-edited episodes from a Japanese TV serial, Super Giant. It tells of the adventures of the chrome-plated man of steel, Starman, and how he saves the planet Earth from the ravages of intergalactic evildoers. ~ Brian Gusse, Rovi

Attack from Space
This sequel to the Japanese sci-fi film Atomic Rulers of the World consists mainly of footage from the Japanese television serials Super Giant 5 and Super Giant 6. The plot revolves around the Emerald Planet sending Starman, a chrome-plated super-being, to defend Earth against the evil Sapphire Galaxy. ~ Brian Gusse, Rovi

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