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College Tech Essentials

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Be prepared with the essentials

All the must-haves in one place. For class. For chilling. For cleaning. (Yes, you have to clean.)

Do your homework

What our employees recommend

I find it useful to use a two-monitor setup, so I can dedicate one screen for live lectures and the other screen for typing notes, or one for looking at PowerPoint presentations and one for following the professor while they're teaching a new program.”

Max P., Store #564, Clearwater, FL, Computer Animation major

Do what you've gotta do

What our employees recommend

One tactic that I use to get myself back in the swing of things is reminding myself that school comes first. If you complete all your work without procrastination, that will open up your schedule for many opportunities to have fun during the course of the semester.”

Randy D., Store #834, Niles, OH, Physical Therapy major

Do you

School’s got a new look. So should your tech.

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Tech for your first apartment.

Get your new place ready for making new memories.

Tech for your artistic side.

Here are the tools to turn your passion into your profession.