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Gifts for Pet Lovers

Shopping for Gifts for Pet Lovers

What Are the Best Gifts for Animal Lovers?

When you think about gifts for pets, you probably envision squeaky balls, chew toys and other items that will wind up lost under the couch or chewed to bits in short order. Another way to go however, is to select cat and dog lover gifts that will provide value over the long haul by keeping pets healthier, happier and safer. These pet technology gifts provide value to not only the animals, but to their owners as well. That's the beauty of systems that facilitate training, tracking, monitoring or containment, along with specialty feeders, collars, leashes and more. These gifts for pet lovers furnish very real, tangible benefits for both the pets, and the people who love them.

Gifts for Dog Lovers: the Value of Training Systems

It's not overly dramatic to say that a good training system is crucial for a safe and happy pet. That's because the more time you spend working with dogs on obedience training, the more likely they are to respond well to you in stressful times, and the less likely they'll be to bolt or slip out the door and run away. That's why training devices and systems, and to a somewhat lesser extent, bark limiters, make very much appreciated gifts for dog lovers. Training allows you to develop a stronger bond with your dogs as you get to know and understand them better, which in turn enables you to take your dogs more places with you, generally leading to happier lives all around.

Not Just for Dogs: Beneficial Gifts for Other Pets

Other gifts that provide some lasting advantage to both pets and pet lovers include wireless containment systems, activity monitors that allow you to keep a watchful eye on your pet, and in many cases communicate too, giving you a measure of assurance that your pet is safe. Other popular gifts for animal lovers include smart feeders, plush beds, illuminated leashes and lighted specialty collars that are GPS-enabled for tracking. Pet owners will also appreciate pet grooming kits that can not only take care of snags and hairballs that annoy the animals, but can also bring out the natural oils in each animal's fur, while at the same time allowing you to check for ticks or other insect predators, along with any lumps, injuries or abnormalities.