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Shopping for a MacBook

Premium Apple MacBook Design

For crystal clear visuals, Mac laptops feature a thin Retina display with edge-to-edge glass. Offering speedy USB 3 data transfer, your Apple laptop includes a USB-C port that also provides charging and video output, allowing you to easily connect a variety of devices, including a portable printer. A sixth-generation Intel Core M processor combines with macOS for a system that generates minimal heat, so no fan is required — ensuring a quiet experience. Designed specifically for the hardware it runs on, macOS pairs seamlessly with your other Apple devices, and also comes with a variety of Apple apps that work with iCloud. The efficient Core M processors combine energy efficiency with performance, so you're ready to handle every task. To make sure you're ready to handle every task, browse the variety of software we offer at Best Buy, including Microsoft Office.

Reimagined Keyboard

Each key on the MacBook has been redesigned in order to fit a full-size keyboard into a thin computer, so you can enjoy comfortable, responsive typing on a precise keyboard. The keys feature a more defined space for your fingertip and a unique butterfly mechanism that allows for greater control when typing. This means you can take your MacBook along in your laptop bag and enjoy all the efficiency of a separate keyboard with a desktop computer.

Innovative Trackpad Navigation

The Force Touch trackpad on MacBooks is designed to deliver a responsive, uniform click from any spot on the trackpad. You can customize the sensitivity of the trackpad, and it can also adjust tell which finger you're clicking with and automatically adjust the sensitivity level. You can also use the trackpad for easy shortcuts, while haptic feedback adds the sense of touch to what you see on the screen. Pair your MacBook with an Apple mouse for premium navigation from every angle.