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Buying a New Shaver or Trimmer

Electric Shaver Benefits

Electric shavers provide a convenient way to shave, because you don't need to use shaving cream or gel. You don't even need water, although many electric shavers can be used wet or dry. Most electric shavers have a rechargeable battery, so once they are charged you can use them almost anywhere, making them a great option for travel.

A manual razor scrapes against the skin, which can cause irritation, cuts and razor burn. With an electric shaver, you can worry less about getting nicks or cuts, and some models are designed to reduce skin irritation with hypoallergenic shaving heads and aloe strips.

Rotary vs. Foil Shavers

The two main types of electric shavers are rotary shavers and foil shavers. Rotary shavers have round heads with blades that spin. They are designed to be moved across the skin in a circular motion and work best for long or fast-growing hair. The shaver heads adjust to the angles and contours of your face, making it easier to shave difficult areas like the chin and neck.

Foil shavers have rectangular heads with blades that move back and forth behind a thin layer of metal, called a foil. The foil is designed to protect skin from irritation and provide a more comfortable shave. Because of their rectangular shape, foil shavers are more precise for trimming around sideburns and other straight edges.

Choosing a Trimmer

For most men, a good trimmer is an essential grooming tool to help make sure no hair is out of place. Trimmers are designed to tidy up hairs in the ears, nose and brow, and to cut and shape beards, and typically come with various cutting heads that let you safely cut hairs in sensitive areas. You want to select a trimmer that feels comfortable in your hand, and is easy to maneuver.