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Meet the iPhone 7 Plus, the Ultimate Apple iPhone

The new iPhone 7 Plus Is Not Just a Phone…

…its a pocket-sized computer. Sure, it’s great for calling your family and friends, but for many, that’s one of the least used functions, passed by apps use, surfing the web, social media and games, for instance.

Why Choose an iPhone 7 Plus instead of an iPhone 7?

You won’t be disappointed with either model, but the differences might matter:

iPhone 7 Plus size. It’s larger (6.23”h.x3.07”l.x.29”t., 6.63 ounces) allowing a larger 5.5” Retina HD display.

iPhone 7 Plus resolution. Full HD resolution mean 25% sharper display images, plus supercharged gaming. 

iPhone 7 Plus battery capacity. Allows up to 21 hours of 3G talk time, 7 hours more than iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 Plus camera. Both models start with a 7 mega-pixel front camera, great for selfies, and a 12 mega-pixel rear camera, great for high dynamic range images and low-light shots. But the iPhone 7 Plus also boasts a smaller 56mm-equivalent "telephoto" rear lens that provides extra detail, along with an up-to-10x digital and 2x optical zoom.

Maximize the Experience with iPhone Accessories

The iPhone 7 Plus doesn’t have a headphone jack. Designers utilized the space for improved tech and a larger battery. Though each phone includes a dongle and pair of wired EarPods, you, like many, may decide wireless headphones better fit your lifestyle.

Additionally, you might also want to pick up other iPhone 7 Plus accessories, like a case, screen protector, charger, or mobile hotspot, for example.

Get Damage Protection and Software Support with AppleCare+

Mishaps happen, right? Protect your iPhone 7 Plus by purchasing AppleCare+. You’ll receive extended warranty protection for hardware and software issues, plus coverage for up to two accidental damages.

You can find the iPhone 7 Plus price, specs and carrier details above, then order today. And for more iPhone deals, and deals on other Apple devices, check our Apple Sale. Finally, you really don’t want to miss the latest and greatest new tech. Take a look.