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Shopping for a Washer Dryer Combo

What Is a Washer Dryer Combo?

A washer dryer combo or washer dryer all-in-one is one appliance that both washes and dries your clothes, all in the same unit. Most of these appliances are ventless and also portable, so they're perfect for small spaces like apartments, RVs or the latest phenomenon – tiny homes. Very popular in Europe, where space is at a premium, these units are tried and true, and perfect for American homes where space is tight and you may be unable to punch a hole in an outside wall for a dryer vent.

Small on Space

If you're looking for small space appliances for your apartment, RV or tiny home, check out the many models of washer and dryer combos available at Best Buy. An all in one washer dryer takes half the space of a traditional laundry pair, and may even be available in compact sizes – smaller than a traditional washer or dyer.

Big on Features

You might think that a washer/dryer single unit that takes up so little space might be devoid of the features you've seen on high-end traditional washers and dryers. But Best Buy carries a wide range of feature-rich units – with digital controls, lots of wash cycle options, steam technology for wrinkle-free results, and low-vibration/low noise operation options. Some manufacturers offer a matching pedestal for each unit.

Other Benefits to Ventless Dryers

Ventless dryers use condensers to dry your clothes. Instead of using ambient air from the laundry room to dry clothes, which is then expelled outside via a vent, they use a more efficient dual loop airflow system. This system uses less air from your home, so your furnace or air conditioner needs to replace less air. A ventless dryer also doesn't get as hot as a traditional dryer, which tends to be kinder to your clothes. And you can avoid cleaning a long dryer vent.