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Virtual Reality for PC Gaming

Get the Definitive PC VR Experience

If you enjoy playing games online but haven't experienced virtual reality gaming yet, you're in for a treat. Virtual reality games on your PC offer an astounding 360-degree audio/visual experience that makes you feel like you're right in the middle of a computer-generated 3D world without leaving your chair.

What You Need to Know About VR Gear

To participate in VR gaming on your computer, you'll need one of the virtual reality systems that works with a VR-ready desktop computer, and includes a headset with a display. It's also helpful to select virtual reality devices that enable your interaction, like head- or hand-trackers, controllers, or voice, button or trackpad controls.

There are options available for VR on a gaming console as well as VR for smartphones using your phone's hardware and display as engine and visuals is available, but it's PC VR that provides the definitive virtual reality gaming experience. Headsets like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive allow for exceptional positional tracking and motion control that go a long way toward making the virtual world seem "real."

Optimizing Your Virtual Reality Experience

Sufficient computer performance speed and power is crucial to displaying and tracking the virtual reality movement of most games so as to avoid perceptible lag. Beyond that, with an underpowered PC, you may find yourself dealing with the frame-rates that are low enough to cause feelings of motion sickness. Shopping for a VR-ready computer is important, but you can also browse video graphics cards to enhance the experience.

For the ultimate VR gaming experience on your PC, consider accessories like controllers, cleaning kits, earbuds and monitors, or one of the available 360-degree cameras, so you can capture and share a full VR environment.

If you are up-to-date on the latest new tech, you're probably aware that virtual reality has expanded beyond gaming and into business, education, and other non-gaming entertainment applications. For more information on virtual reality types and peripherals, check out our VR explained article.