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Selecting the Best Skin Care Devices

Taking care of yourself is something that often takes a backseat to working, cleaning the house, helping kids with homework and a long list of other things. Having the right tools at the ready can help put yourself higher on your priority list. Pamper your skin, massage your feet, shoulders and back, and relax your state of mind.

Take Care of Your Skin

Some of the skin care products that Best Buy carries include sonic facial cleansing brushes, paraffin bath systems, and massagers. Sonic facial and body cleansing brushes are motorized devices that can exfoliate skin and reduce blemishes and dry patches. Pair a cleansing brush with an epilator for smooth and hair-free skin.

A paraffin bath system is an insulated device with built-in heating elements that melt paraffin wax chips. It can be used to help ease muscle aches and soften dry skin. Dip your hands, elbows or heels into the bath to create a wax covering that dries and can be peeled away, leaving smoother, softer skin.

Get the Spa Treatment at Home

Relax at home whenever you want or buy a gift of relaxation or aromatherapy for someone you know. 

Massagers make it possible to get some relief without having to pay for professional massage therapy services. Find comfort at home with full or partial back massagers, neck and shoulder massager, heated massage chairs and cushions, foot massagers and more.

Aromatherapy or essential oil diffusers let you fill a room with your favorite natural fragrance and enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy at home. A diffuser disperses essential oil molecules into the air, letting you relax with your favorite scent.

An energy light uses light therapy to help improve your energy level and mood. Or, wake up with a gradually increasing light that simulates sunrise and can help with seasonal affective disorder (SAD). You can also consider using smart led lights to create a relaxing ambiance with different colors and levels of lighting in your home with a few simple clicks of your smart phone.

Best Buy also carries other skin care and spa items like electrotherapy pain relief units, foot spas, manicure and pedicure systems, and more.