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Fitbit Alta HR + Heart Rate Activity Tracker

Do You Need an Activity Tracker?

Using tech in the pursuit of improved fitness is becoming more and more widespread, and there are a wide variety of devices from big name companies available. As one of the simpler and relatively lower cost options, activity trackers are proving to be very popular, and the Fitbit Alta HR is a great option. An activity tracker like the Alta HR helps you organize your daily fitness efforts and easily measure your well-being and heart health on your smartphone or computer.

Whether you've decided on the Alta HR already, or want to shop Fitbit for other activity tracker options, you can expect innovation and great design.

Choosing an Activity Tracker

Identifying the best tracker for your lifestyle will come down to determining which one does what you want it to, at the price that's in your budget…while also considering size, battery life and looks. Most activity trackers monitor steps, distance-covered, calories burned and minutes of activity. More advanced devices like the Alta HR also provide sleep tracking, a built-in vibrating alarm, and heart rate monitoring.

Fitbit Alta HR: A Closer Look

The Alta HR activity tracker monitors your all-day activity and delivers activity reminder prompts, along with caller ID, text and calendar alerts from your smartphone. But beyond that, the tracker's PurePulse optical heart rate sensor provides continuous all-day heart-rate tracking and resting heart rate trends, enabling you to monitor the impact of your workouts, and measure how your cardiovascular health is improving over time. Additionally, all-night tracking measures your sleep. Then, two dynamic sleep tools, Sleep Stages and Sleep Insights, provide information, correlations and patterns between your exercise and your sleep to give you insights you can use to fine-tune your daily routine to improve both sleep quality and overall health.

The Alta HR app is as crucial as the fitness tracker itself, not only because it uses your data to help you set tailored exercise goals, but also because it gives you the ability to compete with friends, track food and drink intake, monitor your weight and more. It's easy to use, and is compatible with the operating systems in iPhones, Windows phones and Samsung Galaxy phones.

Not only is the Fitbit Alta HR a slim, lightweight activity tracker, it is also something of a style statement with the option of changing activity tracker bands as you wish, and a watch-like buckle design that insures a snug fit. Fitbit has also managed to improve battery life in the Alta HR to a full five days, so you can keep your tracker on you and working more often.