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Choosing Your Ideal Earbuds

Why Choose Earbuds?

Designed to rest on the ridge of your outer ear, earbuds offer a snug, discrete fit. A similar fit to earbuds, in-ear headphones fit snugly inside each ear canal. Many sports headphones are designed with one of these fits because of the trim design that won't get in the way of an active lifestyle. Most earbuds feature soft foam or rubber tips for a secure fit and Best Buy also offers replacement earbud tips, in case you ever lose one. You'll also find a variety of affordable earbuds for casual use, like watching movies and listening to audiobooks on your Kindle Fire or Galaxy Tab. And if you tend to use mostly Apple devices like an iPad®, iPhone® or iPod touch®, you might consider Apple EarPods® or AirPods™.

Earbud Features to Enhance Your Listening

You'll find a variety of earbud features to suit your use. If you're planning to wear earbuds while working out, Best Buy offers many options that are water- and/or sweat-resistant so they can keep up with your intense fitness routine. To fully enjoy what you're listening to, consider noise cancelling earbuds that use one or more tiny microphones to capture ambient sounds and then effectively cancel them out. Earbuds with microphone allow you to talk on the phone hands free, which is a great option for an active lifestyle.

Explore Wireless Earbud Options

One of the most comfortable options for fitness is wireless earbuds, which don't require a wire to connect to your device. Bluetooth is the most common technology used to transmit audio over short distances. You'll find this technology built into most new MP3 players and smartphones. It's also easy to sync your Bluetooth earbuds with a Bluetooth-enabled device. For a truly tangle-free option, consider true wireless earbuds, like Apple AirPods, which feature a separate wireless earbud for each ear. And if you're considering buying earbuds as gifts, include iTunes gift cards so they can start listening to their favorite music as soon as they get the earbuds.