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Finding Your Perfect Voice Assistant

Get Smart in Your Home

Your home can be as connected, automated and smart as you want it to be. Perhaps you already own a thermostat that learns the rhythms of your day. Maybe you control and program your home lighting with a smartphone app, or you've automated your doors with smart locks and connected your garage door opener to a device for remote and keyless entry. You may already have a smart home security system with cameras that can be accessed from anywhere. The next step for you is to add a smart assistant so you can control these smart devices, not just from an app, but with your voice alone.

Alternatively, if you're just getting into the swing of home automation, you can start with the home control device and add other smart devices to control as you have time and funds. If you purchase a home assistant with a speaker, you can use it play music and podcasts, set alarms and timers, even play a trivia game every day. You don't need whole home Wi-Fi to have a smart home, but it helps to eliminate dead spots and ensure you'll reach even those devices in remote corners.

Adding a Voice Assistant to Your Smart Home

You'll realize more benefits of voice control every day you use it. Even if you're elbow-deep in dinner prep, your voice assistant can serve up music or a podcast. Control your TV's compatible streaming devices with just your instead of using the remote control to search for television shows. If your arms are full of groceries when you enter your home after dark, turn on your lights that are connected to smart switches with a simple voice command.

How to Choose a Voice Assistant

Research the technical specs of individual smart home controllers that might be important for you; for instance, speaker quality or ability to understand verbal commands. But the device's compatibility with your existing hardware and software platforms may be even more important. For instance, if you rely on your personal calendar in Google, you may want to choose the Google Home to make integration even easier. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you may lean towards purchasing an Amazon Echo or Amazon Dot. Both of these devices, and others, will control a majority of smart home devices like Philips Hue lighting, a Wi-Fi thermostat like a Nest thermostat and much more.