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Shopping for Refrigerator Water Filters

Why You Should Replace Your Refrigerator Water Filter

Refrigerators with an ice maker and water dispensers routinely include a water filter as part of their design. These filters reduce contaminants, minerals and other debris in your water, usually making it both cleaner and better tasting. Neglecting to replace the filter means it will clog and reduce water flow, and may ultimately damage the water dispenser in your refrigerator.

How to Choose the Right Water Filter

It's easiest to make sure you have the correct water filter if you have your old filter on hand. Each used filter should be clearly marked with a product number that you can enter into a tool to easily locate and order a replacement filter. However, you should also be able to locate the replacement part number in your refrigerator's product manual. Often you can find a compatible filter using only the refrigerator's brand and model number. Best Buy makes it easy to find Samsung replacement water filters and more by using our water filter finder. Check it out to find a replacement LG water filter, KitchenAid water filter, GE water filter and many more.

Water Filter Replacement Schedule

Most refrigerators with ice and water dispensers are controlled by a digital keypad with a warning light that illuminates when it's time for the water filter to be replaced. Depending which refrigerator brand and model you own, this light may simply light up every six months, which is the recommended time frame for replacement, or it may be controlled by the water filter's gallon capacity — the amount of water that's passed through the filtering system. A common water filter capacity is 200 gallons. However, if you have a water softener, many contaminants may already be removed by the time the water reaches your refrigerator, so you may get more life from each filter. You can be sure that the water filter needs to be changed when the water from your dispenser slows down. At this point you should change the filter immediately to prevent damage to your appliance.