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Shopping for a Double Wall Oven

Built-In Appliances

If you're building a new house or contemplating a complete renovation of your existing kitchen, you may be investigating built-in kitchen appliances. Many traditional appliances that fit snugly into spaces around your cabinetry are considered fitted, not built-in appliances. True built-in appliances are part of the permanent construction of your cabinetry. Built-in wall ovens are installed flush with cabinets, for a seamless, integrated look in your kitchen. If you're replacing or installing all new appliances, check out Best Buy's coordinated kitchen appliance packages. We've even curated matching built-in kitchen appliance packages to give your new room the look of a professional chef's kitchen.

Benefits of a Wall Oven

A wall oven is typically installed at a height more convenient for loading and unloading dishes, saving your back from painful bending and stooping. Plus, separating your cooktop and oven allows you to get the best of both fuel methods, depending on your preference. Many cooks prefer the temperature control that comes with gas burners in a cooktop, but also love the benefits of more even baking in an electric oven. Other cooks may prefer an electric induction cooktop and the more moist heat that comes with a gas oven.

Convection Technology

Both gas and electric ovens may offer convection technology which uses a fan to circulate hot air within the oven, cooking food faster and more evenly. True convection technology uses an additional heat source as well as a fan.

Double Wall Ovens

When you install a double oven, you get added the added convenience of cooking different dishes at different temperatures. Or you can set one oven to a warming setting, which keeps the dish at the perfect temperature while you wait for bread to finish baking, or your lasagna to finish cooking. Some double ovens offer a traditional oven plus a microwave oven, so that you can optimize your cooking and heating needs. Some models offer a steam clean option to keep your ovens spotless, even if one of your dishes spills.