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Smart Tracker Tags: Find Your Stuff

What Are Smart Tracker Tags?

Do you wish you had a key locator because of a tendency to lose your keys? If so, you might want to consider smart tracker tags. Not just a key finder, a smart tag can help you track pretty much anything you can misplace, serving at different times as a key tracker, a wallet tracker, a cell phone tracker…even a pet or child tracker. All you do is attach one of the many available portable tracking devices to something you'd miss if it went missing (with the included adhesive, hooked to a key chain or dropped in a bag), then when that item does go missing, you can use your smartphone app to help locate it. Smart tracker tags are practical and a great option for people who enjoy incorporating new tech into their everyday lives.

Which Smart Tracker Tag Should You Choose?

Smart tracker tag designs include a wide variety of technologies. You can choose a Bluetooth tracker, one that uses GPS or one that uses both, one that provides an audible alarm, one that alerts you when you're about to move out of range, or one that provides location history, especially useful with children or pets.

Tile is one of the best-known names in smart trackers. A Tile tracker is easy-to-use thanks to an intuitive app that allows you to "Find My Keys" (or anything else) on a map. Other popular brands of tracker tags include TrackR Bravo, which indicates the distance from you to the lost item, and also works in reverse, helping you find your missing phone, Chipolo, ANKR and Flic, to name just a few. Nearly all of these tracking devices work with smartphones and many work with both iOS and Android operating systems, but be sure to verify before you buy.

Smart Tag Trackers vs. GPS Trackers

A smart tag tracker, even one that utilizes GPS, is not the same as a GPS tracker. For example, if you left your house keys at the office and a coworker grabbed them to bring to you, a smart tag tracker will give you a heads-up that the last place your phone interacted with your keys tag was at the office. But it won't provide you with information regarding the fact that your coworker is now bringing them to you. On the other hand, a GPS tracker allows you to see where your keys are in real-time.

At times, both men and women wish they had a lost key finder, so these smart tracking devices make good gifts for guys, especially for men who tend to lose their wallets too, and also good gifts for women, especially those who on occasion misplace their purses.