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Shopping for an iMac

Why Choose a Mac Desktop Computer?

The iMac computer is an all-in-one Apple desktop with a small footprint and impressive style. Looks aside, many consider the consistency of the Apple iMac to be an attractive advantage over many of the available PC counterparts. The soul of the iMac computer is its OS X operating system. It's loaded with helpful features, right out of the box, and offers an elegant user interface that's intuitive and easy to learn. What's more, even though Apple desktop computers use many of the same components as PCs, the Apple OS is designed to optimize those components, for maximum efficiency.

For those that prefer Apple products, you can be sure that Best Buy has a variety of Apple accessories to complement your iMac experience, from cables and connectors, to touchpads and stands. All Macs come with a limited warranty and technical support, but you can check out AppleCare for your Mac to ensure the health of your Mac computer for years to come, or leverage Best Buy Geek Squad computer technician services to help with setting up your new iMac or to help with issues down the road.

What Is Part of the iMac Package?

Since it's a single piece, combining the system unit with the monitor and stand, you can take your new iMac out of the box, put it on your desk, plug it in and use it, without connecting any data or video cables. A wireless keyboard and wireless mouse are included. Additionally, iMacs offer built-in external speakers and two microphones, plus a FaceTime HD webcam and an SD card reader, items that must be added to many other desktop computers.

Beyond that, while PCs have countless excellent software packages available to handle pretty much any computer-based task, the iMac comes with a collection of onboard software apps including Photos, iMovie, Garageband, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, FaceTime, iTunes, Maps and more already installed, so you can edit photos, create movies, make music and get your work done immediately. No bloatware or trial software is included, and Apple also provides the office suite of Pages, Number and Keynote in full versions that offer an impressive amount of capability for any new user.

Get More from Your iMac

While the iMac does not include a CD/DVD drive, there are several compatible external DVD/CD drives available for reading and writing both DVDs and CDs. And, once you get fully up to speed with the iMac's audio, photo and video capabilities, you may want to add an Apple external hard drive as a fast, easy way to store large amounts of data. You may also consider one of the all-in-one printers that can perform multiple functions such as scanning, copying, and faxing documents.