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What Are Car Amplifiers?

External car audio amps boost electric signals, increasing the power to the car radio, CD player or other inputs, as well as the speakers, improving the overall power and quality of your in-vehicle audio. For folks who want music to be loud and pristine, a car stereo amp should definitely be a part of the picture. But even if the goal is to keep the volume low enough for conversation, amps for cars will breathe life into your music.

Since factory-installed amplifiers are usually small, adding an external car amp is desirable for many. And since subwoofers, designed to reproduce low bass frequencies, require significantly more power than most factory in-dash receivers can provide, amps for subs are a necessity. Generally, amplifiers for your car stereo are categorized by the number of channels they're designed to power. A mono, or one-channel, amplifier can power a single speaker, and is often used to add a subwoofer. Two-channel amps can power two speakers, four-channel amps can power four speakers, and so on. So a four-speaker/1 subwoofer sound system would minimally require a 5-channel amp.

Get the Most from Your Car Amps

In a nutshell, a car amplifier can take your sound system from mediocre to astounding, providing booming bass, sparkling high notes, and clarity at any volume, while also adding the power you need to optimize more, or larger, speakers. When you make the decision to upgrade your car audio, the car audio amp you choose will do the most to enhance the sound, while in large part also defining the capabilities you'll want in other components you may wish to add… like receivers, radios and scanners, car speakers and car subwoofers, and their enclosures. An additional advantage of a car stereo amplifier is that it provides clean power, without interference from other electronics in your car, reducing distortion and unwanted noise at all volume levels.

Get Your Car Amps Set Up

Though it can be done by a dedicated hobbyist with an aptitude for electrical wiring, installation of new car amps is not exactly the easiest venture. If you feel up to the challenge, Best Buy offers a large variety of car stereo installation tools, including the kits and installation parts you'll need. If DIY is not your thing, Geek Squad's car audio experts can handle your car audio installation. Not only will they install your amps, they can also help you determine optimal placement in your vehicle and are happy to make recommendations on other components that can enhance your car audio experience.