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Shopping for App-Enabled & Remote Control Toys

Can These Toys Benefit Your Children?

Remote control toys have long been popular gifts for tech-savvy kids, and are more engaging than ever since toy makers have started using Android, Windows and iOS devices as a control system. STEM toys, promoting skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, are becoming increasingly popular — not only are they fun, they encourage children to learn and explore while they play. Many parents feel the toys in this category inspire problem-solving, curiosity, and question-asking that can help foster interests, in turn leading to hobbies and even careers. This is evident with STEM coding toys, which are available for kids as young as three years old. At their best, these toys engage the senses, spark imaginations, and encourage interaction with others. Kids' toys have come a long way with this combination of technology and play.

Types of Remote Control Toys

Best Buy has a large selection of app-enabled and remote control toys that can put your child in the cockpit of an exciting quadcopter or droid, behind the wheel of a monster truck, crossing the finish line in a race car, off-roading on a dirt bike, racing a speedboat, or rolling to the rescue in a military vehicle that's complete with authentic detailing and sound effects. Additionally, your children can build robots with robotic kits that provide an engaging way to learn about engineering, while letting them build unique toys right out of their own imaginations.

Other Toys from Best Buy

Besides STEM and educational toys, and remote control and app-enabled toys, Best Buy offers a wide variety of other types of toys that will capture the imaginations of your children. For instance, your children will likely be enthralled by any of the interactive pets, as well as the interactive learning system games and programs. Other available options include toys to life video games that use physical gaming figures to interact within the game. You can also help them join the Pokémon phenomenon — browse our selection of Pokémon toys, trading cards, or video games for the Nintendo Switch or 3DS.