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OLED TV Technology

There's 4K, and then there's 4K OLED. OLED TVs represent one of the greatest advancements in television technology in recent memory. Richer, deeper colors. Staggering contrast. Gorgeously curved screens. This incredible technology can be the centerpiece on which you can add home audio options, as well as TV accessories to build the ultimate home entertainment experience.

What Is OLED TV Technology?

What makes OLED, or organic light-emitting diode, displays unique is their self-lighting pixels that switch on and off independently. This allows a 4K OLED TV to provide an infinite contrast ratio for the darkest of blacks and the lightest of whites.

Unlike conventional TVs, an OLED TV employs four-color pixels with a white subpixel added to the regular three colors of most displays. This fourth color boosts the color range and ensures perfectly accurate color representation for a viewing experience that's exactly as the filmmakers intended. Once you see the ultrarealistic colors of a 4K OLED TV, you won't want to go back to a regular TV.

Buy an OLED TV

Thankfully, with OLED TV prices coming down, you don't have to miss out on this revolution in 4K Ultra HD TVs. At Best Buy, we're excited to offer the latest OLED TVs from LG. These OLED TVs are designed to deliver television and films with vibrant colors and a level of detail that will leave you speechless. Use a streaming media player to watch your favorite TV shows or a familiar movie on an OLED TV and you’re sure to see details missed on other HDTVs.

Beyond the absolutely incredible display of a 4K OLED TV, people can't say enough about the amazingly thin screen. The groundbreaking OLED technology allows the TV's internal construction to do more with less, so screen thickness can be minimized. With some OLED TVs boasting a minuscule 0.17" at their thinnest point, these TVs are more than a conversation piece – their flawlessly balanced, exquisite design is perfectly suited to the finest living spaces.