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Smart TV technology.

Find the right smart TV for you, and connect directly to countless entertainment options like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, YouTube and more.

Buying a Smart TV

Gone are the days of turning on the tube and waiting for your show to come on. You're in control now. Today's smart TVs put thousands of hours of programming right at your fingertips with dozens of streaming services, on-demand TV shows and movies, and an Internet's worth of video and other digital content. (Keep in mind, all of these services may require subscriptions and an Internet connection). Think of a smart TV as a computer with a gigantic monitor and a really nice speaker setup. You can surf the Web, save and share content, and program most anything you can imagine. With all the amazing features of these TVs, you may be asking, what's the best smart TV for me? Whether you're looking for the latest offerings from the best brands or you simply want a smart TV on sale, Best Buy has a wide selection of smart TVs, and we're here to help you find the right one. Check back often so you don't miss our next smart TV sale.

Smart TVs are available with all the screen types in demand today, from LED and OLED, to plasma, curved and 3D. Many are also packed with some of the most sought-after features found in any TV. Parental control v-chips and picture-in-picture displays make it easy to ensure everyone gets to watch what they want – and what's appropriate for them. Integrated cameras and media-card slots turn your smart TV into a media center great for taking, sharing and enjoying photos and home video. And EPEAT and ENERGY STAR certifications on some models mean you can find a smart TV that's also smart for the environment.