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Buying a Long-Range Zoom Lens

There's nothing like a long-range zoom lens to get the most out of your digital SLR camera. Instead of struggling to get in position for that perfect shot, zoom lenses do the work for you and bring the action closer. So whether you're looking for a zoom lens for Canon, Nikon, Sony or other top camera brands, at Best Buy we have the selection and expertise to help you find the best zoom lens for you.

For those loyal to specific brands, we have zoom lenses from the most respected manufacturers, such as Tamron, Sigma, Promaster, Samyang, Rokinon and more. And no matter what your budget is, we can help you there too, with zooms lenses starting for less than $150.00.

Photographers are selective about their equipment, so we stock zoom lenses with a wide range of zoom amounts, from standard and medium zoom all the way up to telephoto, with all-in-one zoom lenses for those who need to have everything in one camera zoom lens. We also carry special camera bags and cases to ensure your lenses stay safe while you are on the move trying to capture that perfect shot.

Long-Range Zoom Lens Considerations

When looking at zoom lenses, the numbers can start to get confusing. The two key measurements to focus on are the minimum and maximum focal lengths. Minimum focal length tells you how short you can make the lens for shots that are less zoomed in and that capture a wider area. Maximum focal length tells you how far a zoom lens can zoom in for magnified details and a composition that's limited to a smaller portion of the field of view. To calculate the total zoom amount, divide the maximum focal length by the minimum focal length. In other words, a 26mm to 260mm zoom lens has a 10x zoom.

After focal length, the next most important number is the maximum aperture. This tells you the lowest f-stop the lens can accommodate, which is another way of saying how large the aperture can expand to let in more light. If you want to learn more about buying the best camera lenses for your specific needs, check out our Camera Lens Buying Guide.