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Buying a Chest Freezer

Maybe you like to stock up on food staples, maybe you have a lot of mouths to feed, or maybe you find yourself hauling home pound after pound of meat each hunting or fishing season. Whatever the reason, there's nothing like a reliable chest freezer humming away, keeping your food fresh and safe. At Best Buy, we know how essential these appliances can be, so we offer a wide selection of stand-alone chest freezers from top brands like Igloo, Frigidaire, Hisense, GE, Summit and Haier. Whether your food preservation needs call for a deep freezer, mini freezer, small freezer or full-size chest freezer, we can help you find the perfect one.

Chest Freezer Considerations

The first decision to make when it comes to chest freezers is how much capacity you'll need. If you're just using it as overflow for your regular upright freezer, a chest freezer with less than 14 cubic feet of space will do. If you plan on storing lots of food for months of eating, on the other hand, look to the larger deep freezers in the 20 cubic feet or more range. If you prefer easy access to everything in your freezer at once, you might prefer an upright freezer style.

The nature of your home and your family's needs will determine the sorts of features you'll want your chest freezer to have. Interior lights are essential for dark basements. Child locks are obviously a good choice when little ones are around. Adjustable leveling legs are a must if your floors are uneven. Defrost drains can transform routine maintenance from a chore to a cinch. And a temperature alarm is a good idea if the food you're storing is highly sensitive to temperature changes.