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Get Started with Smart Controls

In an era when most of us carry powerful computers around in our pockets, it's surprising how few of the easy opportunities for innovation in our homes we actually end up enjoying. Thankfully, wireless outlets and switches make it simple to start incorporating life-changing automation, time-saving and even security into your home.

Why Use Outlet Controls

Using a wifi outlet and smart lights into your lamps or fixtures and you can adjust the lighting in your home at the touch of a screen, whether you're relaxing on the couch or out at a restaurant.

With a wireless outlet or wireless outlet switch installed, remote light control is a snap to connect to your computer or smartphone. Just be sure to check before you buy any outlet that it's compatible with your phone's operating system. Once you've installed the app for your wifi outlet, you can adjust a range of settings, including automatic timers for security and energy savings.

Smart Appliance Controls

Wireless outlets and connectivity aren't just for lighting or small electronics. An appliance outlet can be enhanced with a wifi outlet for remote or automatic control. Devices like thermostats and smoke or carbon monoxide detectors can also be controlled wirelessly through systems like Nest. Contact sensors can turn doors and windows into smart devices that help you monitor and manage energy loss. Motion sensors let you turn on or off a whole room of devices when someone enters. Water alarms can alert you to a problem in your laundry room before it becomes an expensive emergency. Even your yard's sprinkler system can be put on autopilot with wi-fi control.