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Buy Smart Thermostats

Smart Temperature Control

Start building your smart home by installing a smart thermostat to control temperature, humidity levels and much more. These devices work to maintain a comfortable environment in your home and can even lower your energy bills by informing you of the most efficient temperature settings. Shop Best Buy for a Nest learning thermostat, plus products from ecobee, Honeywell and more.

Intuitive Air

A smart thermostat works by sensing your activity, learning your schedule, and then maintaining optimal temperatures whether you're home or away. Once it knows your habits, it can automatically adjust to the temperatures you like, switch to an energy-efficient setting when you're not at home, manage humidity, and even keep an eye on the weather. All of this will help you to reduce energy waste and increase your comfort.

The Smart Part

Once you've installed your Wi-Fi thermostat, you can connect it to your existing home network, and then control it from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. You'll also receive real-time reports, status updates and other notifications on your connected devices. From equipment monitoring to service reminders, temperature alerts and energy history reports, your smart thermostat will give you complete control over your indoor climate.

Add a Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarm

Home alarms like the Nest Protect can detect carbon monoxide and smoke levels in your home and even sync with a compatible smart thermostat for extra safety. Try an alarm that alerts you in a calm, clear way, using a human voice instead of a loud noise, to let you know the location of the danger. Install more than one alarm in your home and link them together. Many smart alarms will send status notifications, provide you with a 10-day safety history, and allow you to silence the alarm directly from your smartphone.