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Buy Smart Light Strips

Smart Home Lighting

Create the right ambiance for any occasion with LED light strips that can reflect millions of colors and shades, sync with your music and games, and be shaped to fit almost anywhere. Plus, control all the unique features of smart lights from your smartphone or compatible device by connecting your smart lighting system with your favorite apps. Shop Best Buy for Philips Hue lights, Playbulb products and more.

Set Up Your Smart Lighting

Shape and bend an LED light strip into nearly any form, and then attach it to a solid surface with the adhesive tape on the back. Some LED lighting strips can be cut to size, or you can buy extenders to make your lighting go even farther. Highlight architectural features, coves or walkways. Place Hue light strips under kitchen cabinets or integrate them into furniture, then dim or brighten them. You can choose exactly where you want smart lighting in your home, and the design options are almost endless.

Customize Your Smart Lighting

Paint your walls differently every day by designing lighting schedules that match your routine. Set timers and alarms that allow you to come home to bright lights; sync your lights to music, movies or games; or, wake up gradually to a slowly brightening light. With an extensive color palette, from energizing daylight to relaxing purple light, you can set the mood however you like.

Connect Your Smart Home

Smart home devices are changing the way people live, from smart lighting, appliances and home audio systems to sprinkler systems, security cameras and more. You can use your phone, tablet or laptop to control your smart devices through a home network creating a simpler and more convenient home life that allows you to focus on the things that really matter.