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Buy Satellite Radio

Enhance Your Drive

Listen to your favorite music, stay tuned for every minute of the game, or follow the biggest names in talk radio, all from behind the wheel. Satellite radio is different than your local stations, as it gives you access to commercial-free stations from anywhere in the United States, and requires a monthly subscription. Plus, you can integrate satellite radio into your home audio setup, with a satellite receiver that lets you listen through your home stereo. Whether you prefer news, sports, talk radio, comedy or music, satellite radio has the options you want around the clock.

Get Started

In order to access satellite radio, you'll need a car stereo receiver that's equipped with satellite radio capabilities. These receivers often offer additional features like GPS navigation, hands-free calling and a streaming feature, so you can listen to radio apps or your music library from your smartphone. When you're choosing a portable satellite radio, you can select between XM radio, Sirius radio, or SiriusXM radio.

Listen in Style

For even better car audio, add a  speaker dock, or replace your factory speakers with high quality speakers and a subwoofer, then run the components through an amplifier for the powerful sound you want. You'll get better clarity, be able to listen louder, and enjoy a wider range of sound; from vibrant highs and midranges, to deeper lows and richer bass.

Geek Squad® Installation

Let the MECP certified autotechs at Geek Squad provide you with professional installation services for your satellite radio and other car audio parts. As qualified industry experts, they'll install your satellite radio, and offer a Protection Plan that will help you keep it working as long as possible. Plus, Geek Squad installation comes with a lifetime workmanship guarantee, even if you bought your products somewhere else.