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Why Choose an Action Camera?

Record and Share Your Adventures

Are you a thrill seeker who likes to skydive? Are you a skier who loves challenging runs down the mountain? Do you like cycling on hilly terrains? No matter what your favorite sport may be or if you want to capture the actions of others, a tiny, lightweight action camera could be what you need to record and share clear, high-resolution photos and videos of your adventures. Best Buy carries a wide variety of action video cameras, including popular brands like GoPro and Sony Action camcorders.

HD Sport Cameras for Any Weather

One of the best things about an action camera is that it does its job in almost any condition Mother Nature can throw at you. With rugged and weather-resistant exteriors, action camcorders are the best choice for capturing your extreme footage in less-than-forgiving environments where dirt, dust, water or snow are in play. Protect your device by adding a camcorder bag to easily transport your device from place to place.

Attach a Camera and Go

Action camcorders are not complicated to use. Just clip the camera to your clothes or mount it to your helmet or equipment. Choose from a variety of action camcorder mounts for your helmet, bike, surfboard or body. Instantly share your latest feats by uploading your photos and videos to your smartphone or tablet, using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections. Or, team up your action camcorder with a live streaming app, and broadcast your event or sport over the Internet to friends and family as it happens.

360 Degree Cameras

Display the world from every angle with a 360 degree camera. These small, easy-to-use cameras provide amazing panoramic images and videos, and allow viewers to spin the completed footage in the direction they want to explore. Best Buy offers a range of 360 degree cameras, including ones that film 4K video.